10 Outstanding Automotive Marketing Strategies

10 Outstanding Automotive Marketing Strategies (2021)

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2024, 12:15 am

Learn how to create effective automotive marketing strategies for your auto dealership to increase conversion rate and turn your views into sales that drive more car sales this 2021!  

Are you an online dealer looking for an effective automotive marketing strategy for your auto-dealership?  

We all know that auto dealerships are competing with each other for a piece of the pie. In order to get your share, you need to find ways to make yourself stand out from the competition. One way is by finding online automotive marketing tips and tricks that will help you attract buyers and drive more sales for your dealership. 

Auto dealerships across the country are always looking for ways to bring in new leads and eventually drive more sales. With so many different automotive marketing options available, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your dealership.  

We have collected a list of 10 tips you can use to help increase conversion rate and turn views into sales that will drive more car sales this 2022!

Help Increase Conversion Rate and Turn Views into Sales for 2022

1. Share Your Customer Reviews

Reviews are the most effective automotive marketing strategies you can take advantage of, especially if you want to build a solid online presence.     

As an automotive marketer, generating and sharing more positive reviews will help your dealership rise on top of the game. Make sure all your review sites are displayed and are accessible for your customers to see and there are no reviews left unanswered, especially when dealing with a negative review.     

Be professional and have a personalized approach when dealing with these reviews. It is also an excellent way to let your new and existing customers see how well you handle and take care of your customers.   

Remember, the best salespeople are your customers. Let your customers speak for you and win the market.      

2. Appear on Top of Google

Google remains the big deal in promoting and attracting more leads for your auto dealership.     

70% of local consumers are currently searching about the make, model, and trim of a vehicle that would be the best fit for them. Whether for business or personal reasons.      

Since Google dominates online searches, as an automotive marketer, you should act fast and think of various ways on how your auto-dealership appears on top of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)     

Being placed at Google’s local three-pack gives you a 93% share of website clicks and is a critical aspect of your automotive marketing success.     

But does being on top also mean breaking the bank?     

You can opt to choose from various ad strategies for your auto dealership that ranges from organic to pay-per-click ads.     

Consider these for your next ad copy:    
  • Make sure your Google Ads account is adequately structured with the aim of up to 20 keywords per ad group.     
  • Ensure relevance of keywords on your content; you may also include 2-3 ads per group.     
  • Use ad extensions to attract more leads.    
  • Proper use of resources never forgets about other search networks for the targeted audience.     
  • Have a budget and allocate them properly in-between campaigns.     

3. Use of Compelling Ad Copy

Though auto-dealership competition is low compared to other business industries, it is still important to always be ahead of your competitors.    

The competition will always be there, but make sure to only engage with healthy competition and avoid saying anything negative with your competitor’s name or brand. The best practice would be to create persuasive words and have targeted demographics for your ad copy to invite more leads to your website.      

For best result, create a compelling ad copy that will be appealing to your targeted market, and add a valuable headline that would capture your market’s attention.     

4. Manage Your Keyword List

Are you losing more money than seeing a significant increase in your car sales? If yes, then it seems like you haven’t correctly managed your negative keyword list.     

Suppose you are using PPC (pay per click) for your auto dealership. In that case, chances are you can still appear in discovery searches even if the investigation has no connection to your auto dealership and end up paying to those click-throughs without gaining a single lead.      

Have your keyword list re-structured and organized by limiting your reach potential. Remember that your dealership loses its credibility and is critical to your automotive strategy success if your ads keep on appearing on irrelevant search terms.      

5. Budget Your Marketing Campaign Based on Consumer Trends

The best way to determine whether your online automotive advertising is a success or not is by analyzing your business reports and data. Be strategic when it comes to setting up your advertising budget and invest in campaigns that give high turnarounds for your business.     

For example, you can hop in consumer trends such as the hype during black Friday or any other special events and holidays that make the consumer want to purchase a vehicle due to various automotive deals and savings.     

You can also utilize consumer’s micro-moments by scheduling your ad copy based on your data. It helps figure out when your customers are coming in, what’s the day and time your dealership is at its peak, steady and slow? Analyze these, then schedule and run ads on proven adequate time, days, and campaigns to save extra bucks.     

For a lot of people, buying a car is one of the most important purchases they will make in their lifetime.

6. Create an Advertising Campaign for the Right People

One of the few ways you can see significant results in your traffic and sales is by setting up automotive advertising to target the right people for your auto dealership.   

As an automotive marketer, the best way to get the right message to the right people is by first attending to their needs, wants, concerns and questions and considering their overall satisfaction with your products.    

If your auto dealership is catering to several audiences, you may group them and create separate campaigns according to their profile. This way, you properly allocate your budget, and the right people will receive your message.      

7. Use Your Unique Selling Point as An Advantage

Use your unique selling point as an advantage when creating special offers for your shoppers. It is like offering a 5% discount during car buying holidays or free maintenance for the first two years for used cars. You may also add time-sensitive offerings which urge your shoppers to have a sense of urgency when purchasing a vehicle.    

Convincing your prospects goes beyond the use of compelling and persuasive words; your dealership must also be true to its name and can deliver the features and benefits you have included in your ad copy.   

8. Be Accessible and Reachable

Phone calls are an essential aspect when communicating with potential leads. Never miss out on a chance of getting phone leads that can easily convert into sales.     

Google has several calls features you can use to help increase your auto-dealership call volume:    

  • Call-Only Campaigns: This campaign focuses on getting a call than increasing visits to your website. This campaign is ideal for people who aren’t tech-savvy and is for the older generation.     
  • Call Extensions: Unlike the Call-only campaigns, call extensions give you an option to visit your website together with phone calls from your prospects. You can also have it scheduled according to your business hours and have people available to answer the phone queries.     
  • Mobile Bid-Adjustments: Gone are the days that people only rely on wired telephones. Google allows you to adjust your mobile bids to make sure you are reachable for people calling through their mobile devices and bring in more calls.    
  • Call Tracking: Call tracking is a critical method in analyzing where your prospects are coming from, what made them call, and which call features and marketing strategies led them to make a phone call.      

9. Understanding the Critical Component of the Car Buying Process

Not everything works out the way we want them to be. When it comes to automotive marketing, learn to understand the car buying process’s critical components, and if things aren’t working out, re-market.     

Remarketing helps lower your abandonment rate and helps close deals successfully by leading your prospects into the buying process. Enticing them with irresistible deals to come into your website together with powerful and persuasive ad copy will lead them to contact your dealership.     

Never let your hot leads cool down; give them reminders through email marketing sequences to keep them and not lose them during the initial marketing stage.   

10. Turn Your Dealership Views into Sales

All these factors are critical in ensuring that your auto-dealership gets the brand awareness it deserves, brings in more leads, and drives more sales for your business.     

But did you know there is an easier way to do that?     

With the right tool, your dealership inventory gets displayed directly on search allowing you to promote every make and model in stock, giving your customers easy access to your complete inventory list.     

Simply Be Found introduces its sister company, Cars On Search, which offers effective and affordable ways to drive car sales on your auto-dealership this 2021!

with the right tools, you can turn your views into sales by following these three easy steps:    

  1. Be part of this exclusive offer simply by signing up, schedule your onboarding call, and have your account customized to your dealership.     
  2. Sync and set up your dealership according to your liking and get ready to be live within 7-10 business days.     
  3. Get the latest and current updates for your auto inventory every 4-24 hours.     

To learn more about how you can get to enjoy these features and benefits, visit Cars On Search, and they will be more than happy to walk you through the whole process.    

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