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Questions and Answers
We all know that networks like Google, Bing, Voice Search, and so on love data. That s what Local SEO is all about by giving it structured data that it understands and loves. Questions and Answers are a great way to provide lots of information that these networks love.
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Create Questions


From Simply Be Found you will be able to create questions and answer them that you get asked all of the time. By creating questions, you are inserting information directly into the network so when a customer in your target area asks this question you have a higher chance of outranking your competition.

Monitor Questions

We will monitor for any questions being asked about your business on Google Business Profile so you can reply right from the to-do list.

Answer Questions

Answering questions is a great way to boost your Local SEO. You can reply directly from the platform to new questions being asked from current customers or potential customers about your business.

Questions and Answers
Website Widget

Want a great way to add a Frequently Asked Questions page to your website? Use our Website Widget to create a FAQ section that will automatically be updated when you make create questions, and answer questions from Simply Be Found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have questions?

Part of your ranking is measured by authority. Your authority score goes up based on the questions and answers that are on your profile.

Why do I need to answer questions?

Part of your ranking is measured by engagement and authority. Whenever you answer questions that customers submit your engagement score goes up.

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