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Simply Be Found is meant to be used by busy business owners, managers, and staff. The Simply Be Found marketing platform was designed to not only be simple to use but also to focus on what will produce results for your business. You’ll get full access to the Simply Be Found platform at no additional cost. Our entire goal is getting your business found by more local customers by putting you in control through a simple to do list of the things that will get you the best results.

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Schedule & Publish Posts

Schedule and post updates to your website*, Google My Business, and Bing* directly from the platform allowing you to advertise your business and be in control of what is being said.

Schedule & Publish Photos

Schedule and post updates to your website and Google My Business directly from the platform allowing you to advertise your business and be in control of what is being said.

Questions & Answers

Your customers have questions, and you have the answers. This tool lets you publish the most common questions to your website and to Google My Business right from the platform as well as answer questions that customers are asking about you.

Review Management

We not only help you generate more reviews but we also monitor your reviews on Google My Business so you can reply to them directly from the platform.

Offers and Coupons

If your business offers coupons or offers you can publish them right from the platform.We will publish these to your website and to Google My Business.

Promote Events

If your business does any events, you can publish them right from the platform. We will publish these to your website and to Google My Business

Restaurant Menus

If you are a restaurant, you can update and publish your menu right in the platform and we will publish it on your website and to Google My Business. 

Use Your Current Website or Let Us Do Yours

Our platform doesn’t require your website to be on with us but if you would like us to design, manage, and handle everything website related; we can do that.  Yes! it’s included for all of our members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The top 6 questions we are asked...

On average, most of our customers do not see consistent results until 60 to 90 days (about 3 months). But some customers report seeing results within the first few weeks. Results will depend on your consistency of posting, uploading photos and setting up everything within the platform.

No, the Simply Be Found Platform does not require you to have a website in order to benefit. Adding a website to your marketing will improve the effectiveness of your online advertising and is something we can assist you with at no extra cost. If you already own a website you can keep doing what you are doing or we can bring it over to our platform in most cases.

No, unlike many of our competitors, we do not delete, revert, or change any information on any of your profiles that has been posted with our providers. We simply disconnect and do not make any changes going forward. We believe that you should always have 100% control of your businesses data.

Yes, we love new businesses and want to help you start your business the best way possible. Our platform was designed for the small business world which includes startups.

Yes, we work with multiple locations. Initially, our system was designed to work with small single-location businesses, but we have seen a lot of interest from multilocation businesses because of our user-friendly platform and the way we do things. If you own multiple locations, please contact us so we can figure out what your needs are and how we can best work with you. Simply send us a email to

Simply Be Found platform complements well to your current SEO team by focusing on getting you found in voice and local search. We do this by improving your Local SEO score and by giving you a simple to do list to follow and complete the tasks that will matter most to your business.

Tour Of The Platform

Let's take a deeper dive into each tool of the Simply Be Found Platform

Simply Be Found is a marketing platform that may be used by a local business owner or assigned to someone on their team, such as a manager or employee. Its simple design and simplicity of use are well known; nevertheless, it’s powerful enough to help get local businesses found by local customers. We have combined the right tools for getting the most from your LOCAL SEO and our proprietary algorithm makes it easy for you to understand what steps you to need to take right from your to do list each week.

The To-Do List, Health Score & Snapshot ​

Simply Be Found was built around being simple and focusing on what tasks you need to do to bring in the best results for your business. One of the biggest things Rob Downey, one of our co-founders, has heard from being in the marketing space for over 20 years is to give me a to-do list and what I need to do each week, and I will knock down it out. Our algorithm is based on just that; creating you a step-by-step to-do list each week based on what action items will bring you the best results.

Right from the first page within the Simply Be Found Marketing Platform, you will see your health score, to-do list, and analytics that matter for your calendar month. Giving you an instant snapshot of what needs to be done, what is working, how to fix any issues, or just a solid plan to get your business found by more local customers.

Voice Search

The Simply Be Found Marketing Platform gives you the power to get your business on voice search and makes it easy for your information to always be up to date without the need of logging into multiple networks to update your business information.

In the last few years, more people are using voice search to find local businesses; some studies have suggested 8 out of 10 customers are now using voice search. In addition, customers who search for convenience and quicker results increasingly use voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.

Since launching Simply Be Found, we have found that many businesses are losing out on being found by voice search and that most business owners have no idea even where to start to get their business on voice search. So we make it simple to fix that and start getting found by voice search.

Advertise On Our Ad Network

Advertising your business using your business information has never been so easy. Simply Be Found uses your business information to advertise on over 50 networks. Every time you make a change to your business hours, address, phone number… we will automatically send this information to our advertising networks.

Advertising with data allows your business more opportunities to be found within your local market where it matters the most to your local business. Let Simply Be Found help your business get found by more local customers.

Review Generation & Management

Reviews are still one of the most powerful things when it comes to Local SEO. 8 out of 10 people look at reviews before making a decision on where to get a service done, buy from or even to pick a restaurant. Simply Be Found has taken the approach to make it simple to create a way for you to share anywhere you want customers to leave a review about your business from one place that then your customers can choose where they leave the review that works best for them.

We monitor your reviews that happen on Google My Business and let you reply directly from our platform. These will be tasks as well on your to do list as new reviews come in.

Showcase your reviews directly on any website and only show the reviews you would like to display. Most of our members choose to show all reviews above a 3 star rating on their website.

Did you know?

Simply Be Found includes everything within its yearly membership?

A Website

Having a website created used to be expensive and was once complicated. We have streamlined that process with our websites. Our websites are not cookie-cutter sites and are customized to match your business’s branding and promote you as a unique website. Whether you just need a business card website or a complete e-commerce website, we have a solution for you.

We include everything you need except a domain to get started, and if you need help with getting a domain, we can even help you with that.

Don’t Need A Website

We understand that not everyone is looking for a website, and some already have one that is getting them great results. Our platform will work without a website or with your current site. Just know we cannot do website maintenance plans for anyone not on our hosting. 

Want To Keep Yours?

If you have a current site but want to bring it over to us, we can help with that. Just contact us to check and make sure that is possible.

Did you know?

Simply Be Found does not have any upcharges like Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Simply Be Found does not have any upcharges like Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Business Information

We let you manage your business information from one place, so your not logging into several different platforms over and over and have to remember what platforms need to be updated. Having your business name, phone, and address (NAP) is significant for your local SEO score. Your NAP score can affect if you come up in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position but more harmful is it can also make you not come up at all. So with Simply Be Found, you can rest assured that once you update your business information, it will be sent to over 50 networks to be updated.

Business Hours & Special Hours

People use voice search, search engines, and looking for businesses in different places at home and the go-to to find out their hours. There is nothing more frustrating than looking up a business’s hours to find out when you get there. They have changed. Simply Be Found has seen this issue with the pandemic more than ever.

Simply Be Found will update your hours across our ad network of over 50 places by sending the information once it’s updated. We also have a feature that allows you to add special hours for holidays or special adjustments on specific days.

Photos & Video*

We all know that people love seeing photos and videos*. This is why we have created an easy way to share both directly from the Simply Be Found Marketing Platform. You can do this from your mobile phone so if you are always on the go in your business you can schedule and post your photos and videos* right from your mobile phone instead of waiting until you get back to the office. You can of course still do this from your desktop computer as well if you choose.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Customers have always had questions about businesses. Simply Be Found lets you get a step ahead by posting questions to common questions about your business and the answers. As well as monitoring and replying to questions asked by your customers.

We publish, manage and monitor your questions and answers from Google My Business, Bing* and your website.

Offers & Coupons

Simply Be Found’s offers and coupons allows you to promote your business without the need of Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You will be able to schedule your businesses offers and coupons to run for a specific date range and keeping your offers fresh.

Event Promotion

Simply Be Found lets you promote your events to local customers. Our marketing platform will let you send your events to Google My Business, Bing*, and your website*. You can link to any website/service you choose for promoting your event to drive traffic to the event your business is running.

Industry Specific Tools

Restaurant - Menu's

Let’s face it; the pandemic changed restaurants entirely, not only for how customers are looking for your business but on how they want to access simple things like your restaurant’s menu. We see over and over restaurants that want to take a photo of their menu and post it, and yes, that works in some cases, but you cannot change your menu on the fly when you’re out of products because of supply change issues or whatever reason that may come up. 

Simply Be Found lets you input each item on your menu, and you can choose to include a photo or not; once you submit these will update your website with the most recent information, Google My Business and Bing*.

When you see the * symbol, this feature or tool is in development and will be officially released in the first quarter of 2022. Some of these features are released on our platform but may still be in testing, which means we are looking for feedback from you, and there may be a few hiccups along the way.

We decide on additional tools and advancements based on the feedback from our members and our algorithm analyzing over 50,000 local businesses.