The Simply Be Found Story

How and Why Simply Be Found Got Started

Simply Be Found was created out of a marketing and advertising discussion between Rob and Dean. Rob posed the question of how well Dean’s business was being found online and mobile devices. Dean was confident he was being found because his business was seeing steady growth. So, Dean was standing in his screen-printing showroom and a voice search was done, and his business did not even make the list on his phone screen.

The proverbial gauntlet was thrown down and the question was raised: How many other small businesses are having the same issues of being not found by customers, and not knowing that there is a problem and how to fix it? After some research, the Simply Be Found platform was created to help small businesses. It is designed for simplicity and being straightforward. All business information and data are controlled and owned by the business owner or manager.

Also, it is affordable for any business size, no contracts are required, we have a month-to-month payment plan where you can cancel at any time. We want to earn your business membership every month. The idea of membership was developed because we want and need feedback from you to remain dynamic in the quest for better online advertising for entrepreneurs. Just an update, because of using the tools from Simply Be Found, Dean’s business is now seen in the number one slot of the local map three-pack.

Why does Simply Be Found have Members and not Customers?

As a member, we built our platform based on what your needs are, so we get something useful and not just another tool. We do not have a company board. Instead, we have members who propose and control new features and aim the direction to where we are heading.

Our Values & Goals

Simply Be Found has a personal stake in our business member’s success first. Whether you are a small one-person startup or a larger multiple-location business, Simply Be Found is there to guide you to grow your customer base using the tools on the platform, informational videos and documents, and our team, always ready to support you. We would always want your feedback on what you think customers need to better find your business

About the Founders

Dean Koehler

Dean Koehler

Founding Member

Dean started his life as a baby, but seriously he has had an entrepreneurial spirit for most of his life starting in the second grade selling Creepy Crawlers out of his desk before and after school, moving on to mowing lawns, and delivering papers. While still in his teens, he also partnered up with a wrestling mat manufacturing company before his journey into the corporate world. He was a machinist, electronics technician, and after college a process engineer during his years in the corporate realm. However, like most entrepreneurial spirits he wanted to own and run his own business and has done so for close to 30 years. Dean has always worked in durable goods but has now partnered and ventured into the frontier of online services. He brings a unique skill set of tying the creations of our developers to a simple straightforward advertising experience for time-constrained business owners and managers.

Robert Downey

Robert Downey

Founding Member

Robert Downey is an adept local marketing strategist who excels at enabling small businesses to enhance their visibility within their respective communities. He employs savvy utilization of local SEO, thereby eschewing the necessity of exorbitant advertising campaigns. His goal is simple – to bridge the gap between businesses and local consumers searching for their offerings.

Having successfully spearheaded over 1,000 marketing campaigns and developed more than 5,000 websites throughout his prolific career, Rob’s experience is comprehensive and versatile. Since embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 1995, he has gained a wide range of insights into different industries and their unique set of challenges.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in his veins, being a fourth-generation business innovator. This legacy of entrepreneurship gives him a distinctive understanding of business growth and evolution, allowing him to excel in the dynamic world of business startups.

Rob’s vast experience is exemplified in his role as the Co-Founder of, a marketing platform that streamlines the process of local business discovery. His strategic planning and implementation have fostered substantial growth for, leading to an expanded user base and increased revenue.

Beyond his role at Simply Be Found, Rob’s depth of knowledge is bolstered by his involvement in successfully launching over ten online businesses and startups. This attests to his proficiency in the realm of digital business creation. His distinctive fusion of programming, marketing, and business development skills brings an invaluable and refreshing perspective to the table in today’s digital-first business landscape.

In summary, Robert Downey isn’t merely a local marketing expert; he serves as a growth catalyst, digital marketing innovator, and business mentor. His vast experience, deep industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to facilitating the success of small businesses make him an indispensable asset to any business seeking to enhance its local visibility and growth.

Change Plan

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Monthly Membership

$200.00 Monthly per Location

Yearly Membership

$2400.00 $1200.00 Yearly per Location

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For only $1000, get exclusive access to:

  • Google Pilot Program
  • Auto Inventory displayed on Google
  • Flat Rate per Location
  • Unlimited Number of Vehicles
  • Inventory update every 4 to 24 hours

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What's Next?

  • Once access is requested, expect a call from one of the Simply Be Found co-founders
  • We will inform you if the request is approved and you're a good fit for the program
  • Your inventory will be live on Google search once your request is approved.