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They say that photos are worth more than 1,000 words. Simply Be Found makes sharing photos fun and simple.
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Share Photos Of Your Business


You can share photos right from the platform. You can share just a photo oradd a photo to a post. After your photos are added to Simply Be Found youcan find them in your gallery if you ever want to reuse a photo.



Set a date on when your photos are going to appear on your profile. Avoid flooding your profile with a lot of images in one go, set a schedule to maintain activity in your profile and it can also be used to engage more with your future and current customers.


Cropping Tool


If you’ve taken a great photo but there are elements in the background that you don’t want to include, cropping is one of the best ways to save it. Also, consider using photos with the same resolution – we made it easy by showing the resolution as you’re cropping your photos.

Optimize Your Photos


We take the hard work out of optimizing your photos for each platform. All you have to do is add the photos and our system will do the rest!


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