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What Is A Website Widget?

A website widget is a code that you can insert on your website. This code works with any website and can be provided to your website developer or can be done by yourself if you built your own website

Why Should I Care About Website Widgets For My Local Business?

Local businesses who want to keep their website up to date simply love this feature. By inserting widgets onto your website for information that is updatedfrequently means your information on your website updates instantly as it’s updated within Simply Be Found. This means that Simply Be Found is not only updating Google, Bing, Facebook, Voice Search… but will also keep your website updated at the same time. Allowing you to take total control of your marketing. The other great thing about our widgets is if you decide to change some aspect of the widget, like the layout, it is automatically updated on your webpage. You no longer have to wait for your developer or web admin to make the change, the power is in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your team insert these into my website for me?

If we are maintaining and have designed your website for you then yes. If you are using a third-party or have designed your own website, then no you will need to insert the widget on your own; but we are here to help anyway we can if you get stuck.

Is there an extra cost for Website Widgets?

No, as long as the feature is included in your plan you will have access at no additional cost.

I designed my website on GoDaddy.Will they work?

Yes, our website widgets will work on GoDaddy built websites.

I designed my website on Wix. Will they work?

Yes, our website widgets will work on Wix built websites.

I designed my website on WordPress. Will they work?

Yes, our website widgets will work on WordPress built websites.

I built my website by hand. Will they work?

Yes, our website widgets will work on any website that you can put code into.

How fast will changes I made on the platform appear on the webpage?

Almost instantaneously. The webpage pulls the information from our system whenever the page is loaded.

If I change the widget,do I need to redo the widget on my website?

No,the changes you made to the widget are stored in our system and loaded whenever the website is loaded.

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