Call Tracking is Dead: 3 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using It

Call Tracking is Dead: 3 Reasons Why You Must Stop Using It

Last Updated on: 24th November 2023, 07:46 am

Businesses need to know that it’s not just call tracking that has changed, but the way people search for businesses. We live in a modern technology where information moves at light speed, so why would we use outdated marketing techniques?

The use of call tracking is ineffective and an outdated marketing technique. Call tracking used to be an effective marketing tool in generating leads and help businesses understand the path that potential customers take before making a purchase.

Back in the days of the yellow pages, I had a debate with one salesman. They would come and claim that their platform would increase the number of calls to my small business. I told him that his phone book was not producing. I would manually cold-call customers on how they found my business, and if they said through a phone book, I would inquire which format they used.

I created an informal tally and deemed one book was not worth advertising in again.

But, what really is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a marketing technique that many businesses use to track where potential customers are calling from. For example, if you have an office in Colorado and your callers come from different parts of the country, you can see which areas perform better than others. This article will explain why using call tracking may not be the best marketing technique for your business.

Reasons Why You Must Stop Using Call Tracking

1. Call Tracking is an Outdated Marketing Technique

Call tracking is a service that has been around for many years.  Many marketers and advertisers use this marketing technique to persuade customers by recording phone calls and playing them. It is also a process in which your business information will be tracked when someone calls. Some businesses have found call tracking to be an effective way of generating leads, while others do not see the need for this type of service. However, the evolution of technology and the way people search affects the popularity of call tracking.

In the age of modern technology, depending on call tracking alone, will not move your business forward. 

2. SEO is More Popular in this Day and Age

Gone are the days that people will call businesses to ask questions unless it is an urgent inquiry or complaint; searching it online is faster and more reliable. Call tracking has been around since the 1970s, but it has fallen out of use because people are searching differently now than they were in the past. As more businesses take advantage of different marketing techniques such as caller ID spoofing services or web-based contact forms on their websites, call tracking becomes less important.

3. Modern Technology Keeps in Innovating

Call tracking is a marketing technique where an organization tracks all phone calls that come into their business. The information about the callers, including their name and phone number, are recorded for future reference. Call tracking was top-rated and useful for generating new leads in the past when SEO has been born yet. Call tracking typically takes the form of a toll-free phone number that can use to gather information. But it is becoming less popular now due to modern technology like Google’s keyword planner and social media sites. 

In the Advertising Battle of Getting Found, How Can My Business Keep Up?

Since call tracking is now an outdated marketing technique, how do I keep up with modern technology?

I have recently found a web app that wants to help small businesses get found in mobile devices, web, and voice searches. Advertising is much cost-effective now than before, which paves the way for small local businesses to compete against giant corporations in getting their businesses found. People search dynamically, and in order to draw more website visitors, you must adapt the modern technology.

The web app is called Simply Be Found. Small business owners developed it to guide other start-ups and help them grow their businesses over time.

What I like about Simply Be Found is its Simple, Straightforward, and Affordable approach. We are called members, not customers because they want us to have an interactive part in improving internet advertising effectiveness through feedback and suggestions.

Step 1: Correct and Maintain Your Name, Address, and Phone Number

Your business information, such as name, address, and phone number, is vital in getting your business found online. As the business owner, you must correct any mistakes to your business information (NAP) to be found on mobile, web, and voice searches.

Unlike call tracking that focuses on tracking callers ID in identifying where customers are coming from. SEO offers a lot of variety to get your business found quickly by your customers.

Step 2: Gather and Respond to Customer Reviews

Why do you ask? Well, the powers that find your business are looking for a trust factor. The more reviews you receive, the better your chance of being on the front page if not the top location found.

The exact algorithms used are unknown to the outside world, but these factors definitely improve your findability.

Step 3: Develop an Advertising Campaign

Similar to Call tracking, collecting your customer’s data is essential in developing an efficient advertising campaign. Now, you can put together an email piece to promote a sale, event, or special announcements from your business to your target audience. Comparable to call tracking, it generates a much faster result and effective marketing technique in attracting more customers.

The good news is, everything can be done at no additional cost aside from your membership with Simply Be Found.

Although you do not need a website to put this web app to work for you, if you like to have one— we can help you maximize its effectiveness. As the owner, you can apply up to 30 keywords to help people find your business information quickly.

Why Choose Simply Be Found?

The web app is affordable—no contracts to lock you in.

I like having control over my business information, and Simply Be Found lets me have full control over my business name, address, and phone number. I can easily update, correct, and maintain my business information and conveniently done it using my cellphone. No software is needed or a complex system to learn.

However, you will need to put in some effort to make the web app work for your local business. A playbook to success has been assembled to guide you through the process. You can work at your own pace, but they recommend at least an hour a week to generate results. Of course, if you want to work faster, you can if you are an overachiever like me.

Before, I am a huge fan of call tracking.  But as modern technology progress, I realize I need to innovate my marketing technique. The realization moment happened when I use voice search to look for my business’s service and location, and my voice search device did not mention my business.

With Simply Be Found, in just under a month of following the playbook, I am now in the number one slot for that same voice search. I am getting more quote requests and developing more customer relations.

Join our growing Simply Be Found family and get your local business found today!

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