Cookie Policy

Effective on  January 31, 2022

We believe in being transparent and open about how we acquire and utilize personal information about you at Simply Be Found. Any Simply Be Found service that links to or incorporates this policy by reference is subject to this Cookie Policy. As indicated in our Privacy Policy, we use cookies to collect and utilize data as part of our Services. 

What technologies are used?

Type of technology



Simply Be Found uses a cookie, which is a small file that is stored on your device and allows you to use the features and functions of Simply Be Found. When you visit our sites, your browser may get cookies from us or from third parties like our customers and/or partners. Whenever you visit non-Simply Be Found sites that display adverts or host our plugins or tags, we or third parties may additionally store cookies in your browser. 

Local Storage 

Local storage allows a website or application to save information to your device’s internal memory. By enabling features, remembering your preferences, and speeding up site functioning, local storage can be used to improve the Simply Be Found experience.

Other Similar Technologies 


We also use other tracking technologies for similar purposes as described in this Cookie Policy. 

What are these technologies used for?

We’ll go through some of the different ways we can use cookies in the future. 

Type of technology



Cookies are used to improve the speed and security of your interactions with our Services, as well as to detect harmful activity and violations of our User Agreement. 


When you visit our Services, we use cookies to recognize you. 

 Cookies help us offer you the relevant information and tailor your experience based on your preferences if you’re logged into Simply Be Found. 

Preferences, features, and services

When you visit our Services, we use cookies to recognize you. 

 Cookies help us offer you the relevant information and tailor your experience based on your preferences if you’re logged into Simply Be Found. 


We use cookies to improve your experience on our Services.

Personalized Advertising

Cookies enable us to offer you relevant advertising both on and off our Services, as well as to track and report on the effectiveness of such ads. We use cookies to see if you’ve been shown content or if someone who was shown an ad on another site later returned and took action (e.g., made a membership purchase). Cookies may also be used by our partners to see if we’ve showed you an ad or a post and how it performed, as well as to learn how you engage with ads.

Your Choices

You have control over how cookies are used by Simply Be Found. Please keep in mind that limiting the capacity of Simply Be Found to use cookies may result in a less tailored user experience for you. It’s also possible that you won’t be able to save your own preferences, such as your login credentials. 

Browser Controls

Cookies can be controlled by most browsers through their settings, which can be modified to reflect your permission to the use of cookies. You can also check and delete cookies, including Simply Be Found cookies, using most browsers. Please check the instructions provided by your browser’s maker for further information on browser controls.

Manage Cookie Preferences

If necessary, you can disable the use of specific cookies for advertising purposes by going to your cookie settings and disabling them, but this will not impact the lawfulness of any processing based on your consent before it is withdrawn.

Other Information

If you require any further information on cookies including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage, delete and turn them off, please visit or Please note these are external websites and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to you on these sites. 

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