Target Customers Based On Location With Service Areas

Does your business target customers in a specific area? The service area will work great for your business to do just that!
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Service Area Local SEO

Almost every local business has a service area or sweet spot for where to target customers to come to their locations. We have redefined the way local businesses can target customers in those spots by using Service Area for Local SEO. Simply Be Found is all about your business information and structuring your business’s data to be used for Local SEO but doing it in a way that small businesses understand. Service area is a great example of this because you provide us with where you want to target, and our system goes to work on targeting those areas.

Key Benefits Of Service Area

  • Boost Visibility
  • Get Further Reach Outside Of Your Address
  • Rank Higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match Counties, Cities, and zip codes?

Yes, you can use which combination best covers the area you want to appear in.

Can I change the area often?

You can change the area you service as often as you like.