Frequently Asked Questions


No, the Simply Be Found Platform does not require you to have a website in order to benefit. Adding a website to your marketing will improve the effectiveness of your online advertising and is something we can assist you with at no extra cost. If you already own a website you can keep doing what you are doing or we can bring it over to our platform in most cases.

No, unlike many of our competitors, we do not delete, revert, or change any information on any of your profiles that has been posted with our providers. We simply disconnect and do not make any changes going forward. We believe that you should always have 100% control of your businesses data.

Yes, we love new businesses and want to help you start your business the best way possible. Our platform was designed for the small business world which includes startups.

Yes, we work with multiple locations. Initially, our system was designed to work with small single-location businesses, but we have seen a lot of interest from multilocation businesses because of our user-friendly platform and the way we do things. If you own multiple locations, please contact us so we can figure out what your needs are and how we can best work with you. Simply send us a email to

Simply Be Found platform complements well to your current SEO team by focusing on getting you found in voice and local search. We do this by improving your Local SEO score and by giving you a simple to do list to follow and complete the tasks that will matter most to your business.

Please send us a message and let us know that you are not seeing any results. But please note that most results are not seen right away, and it can take 60 to 90 days (about 3 months) to start seeing consistent results.

On average, most of our customers do not see consistent results until 60 to 90 days (about 3 months). But some customers report seeing results within the first few weeks. Results will depend on your consistency of posting, uploading photos and setting up everything within the platform.

Simply Be Found does not have a company board and we rely on our Members for suggestions and feedback. This will help us steer our platform in providing functions that will help your business/es prosper and grow in this ever-changing business environment.
We highly value our members that is why we have live chat support available Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) along with our support center for tickets that is open 24/7 for you to send in your ticket requests.
Yes, we do more than just the general tools Google My Business is providing. After completing your setup with Simply Be Found, our system optimizes your listing for best results. In some cases, we have access to more features than what you get when going directly to Google My Business. We also are connecting and synchronizing your information with 70 plus other sites which gives you more visibility along with be optimized for voice search.
No, we synchronize your data from Google My Business for your business information. All your reviews and question will appear on the platform again, but the photos and posted will not repopulate on Simply Be Found.
Not yet, but because of member requests, we have one in our roadmap coming in the fall of 2021.


No, there are no contracts on any of our plans.  We do not do annual billing because we want to earn your business every month.

No, we do not offer refunds on any products.  Our goal is to provide you with highest results possible and if we are not meeting that for you, please open a support ticket or start a chat with us as we grow our platform based on members’ feedback, questions, and requests.

Yes, you can start and stop add-ons as often as you please. However, any function such as a website that requires a setup-fee will be charged a reset-up fee each time it is turned back on.
Pricing includes one location per plan; if you have multiple locations please email us at
Yes, but you will lose all information that has not been posted to any providers or services at the time your subscription is turned off. Please note that photos and posts that you had submitted do not repopulate when you reactivate.

Send us an email at or go to your billing page then press the cancel button. We make it easy to cancel as we know we are not for everyone. But please note we do not do refunds.


Yes, you can respond to reviews within the Simply Be Found platform but as of now, we only offer this for Google My Business Reviews.
Yes, we help you discover the best practices for your business and give examples to generate more reviews. As a result of member requests, coming the first quarter of 2021 we will have our review monitoring add-on that focuses on managing reviews more than just Google My Business. This will also give you tools to share and generate reviews.
We are here to support our members and we will provide advice and opinions when asked. If the person on chat is unsure, or whoever gets the first ticket, we will have a meeting as a team and give you our recommendation, note that you still need to make the best call for your business.

Creating A Post

Google My Business posts are typically visible for 7 days. Simply Be Found platform lets you repost old posts at any time directly from your page.
Buttons you can include in a post are Book Now, Order Online, Buy Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, and Call Now.
For optimized result, we recommend at minimum doing one post a week that is unique and has never been posted before.
Yes, you can schedule posts and photos directly from our platform and you can do it up to a year in advance.
We do not recommend focusing on the length of the post but providing the best relevant content that best describes your business for your prospective customers. Being concise, and straight to the point works better than filling your posts with a ton of keywords or fluff. Our post feature allows you to have up to 1,500 characters in a post.

Uploading, Downloading & Optimizing Photos

For optimized result, we recommend at minimum posting 3-4 new photos per week. Once you schedule your picture, we recommend that you go to Post’s tab and write a post about that picture to increase your results further.
Yes, you can schedule your photos directly from our platform up to one year in advance.
EXIF / Metadata is a piece of information inside your photo that is seen by AI (Artificial Intelligence) search engines and algorithms. They collect this information to know what your photo is about and if it is relevant to users searching for your business or products you are selling and linking it you. We recommend adding this information giving more data points for potential customers to find your business.
Yes, we allow you to remove images added from our platform that you do not want to be displayed any longer.
Photos that are in a JPG format have a higher chance of being located on searches, and EXIF data works better with this file format.

Business Information

For best results, we recommend updating your business information whenever there is a change in business hours, address and/or phone number.
Yes, you can schedule unlimited number of hours or changes directly from our system.
You can change your business schedule up to one year advance.


One of the buying signals from a lot of customers is looking at questions. This comes on the same buying signals as reviews. So, having these questions answered helps move them through the buying process.
Yes, we highly encourage you to post frequently asked questions and answer them so your potential customer can learn more about your business. This data linked to your business will help more local customers find you. This can all be done can done withing Simply Be Found’s Q&A (QUESTIONS & ANSWERES) section.


Please note that we only submit business data that you supplemented. For the complete list of where we submit business information, click on the link.

The data varies from network to network. We would love to submit all your business info to each network but that is not possible. We are working with each network to allow us to submit as much information as they will allow and will be updating our platform on a weekly basis to include more information.
We submit information right away from when you hit the submit button. However, the time for you to see the changes will vary from network to network when they make the changes.
Yes, we submit business data directly to Apple Maps.

If a business specific site is on our list found here , then your information is submitted to that site. If it is not listed, please send a request to and we will inquire into adding the site you want.

Google My Business Setup

We use Google My Business as the core of Simply Be Found as they are the leader in local search. If you do not have a Google My Business account, simply sign up for Simply Be Found and click on I Do not have a Google My Business account. This will prompt for you to submit a request for us to create one on your behalf and then we will transfer ownership to you after it is approved and set up.

In most cases, yes but it will be a case-by-case scenario. Please contact our support team at and we will see what we can do with your concern.