16 Fascinating Tips to Use Facebook Marketing

16 Fascinating Tips on How to Use Facebook Marketing

Last Updated on: 4th May 2022, 01:41 pm

Your complete guide to use Facebook marketing to promote your business with 16 expert advice tips on how to get it done quickly and professionally.   


In today’s society, it is hard to survive without a Facebook marketing strategy. We are regularly bombarded with offers and ads on the social media site, but if you are looking for something more than just your friends latest selfies, then this article is for you. It contains expert advice from successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their business using Facebook Marketing Tips to get results quickly and professionally.

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How to Use Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing is one of the best social media marketing that promotes your local business to your target market inexpensively.      

But what precisely does Facebook marketing mean? How can a small business owner practice it successfully? We will be answering all your questions through this article. We will go over some Facebook Marketing Tips on how to use Facebook marketing that can help any small businessman or woman get more customers in no time! 

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #1: 

Add Your Business Page on Facebook  

The first step in developing a successful Facebook marketing campaign is by claiming/adding your business page on Facebook. Even if your brick-and-mortar business is well-known in your service area, you still need to do a lot of work in correcting and maintaining your Name, Address, Phone Number, and hours to avoid losing a potential customer.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #2:

Ensure Complete and Correct Information   

Make sure your Facebook page contains your correct and complete business information for your customers to see whenever they search for your business. You can also integrate your website into your Facebook page. As much as possible, use the same graphics and colors on your Facebook page to have the same feel and look as your website. It makes your Facebook page look more authentic and legitimate.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #3:

Set Measurable Goals  

For a successful outcome, it is important to set measurable goals and objectives. Why did you choose Facebook Marketing? What business goals do you want to fulfill? Having a clear definition of your goals will help you and your team effectively plan a successful social media marketing strategy.      

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #4:

 Publish Unique and Original Content  

When creating an original and unique variety of content for your Facebook page, make sure your target audience can relate to it. Avoid repeating the same sentiments. If you have other social media networks such as Twitter, link it to your Facebook so whenever you tweet, it will also appear on your wall.   

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #5: 

Offer Promotions and Discounts     

For new small business owners starting, you must focus your Facebook marketing campaign on getting more followers.

You can increase your fanbase by creating unique and relatable content that is shareable to your audiences, offer an opening giveaway, freebies for every purchase, or even run a week-long sale. You can also participate in your local community to show that you are also involved locally. 

Once you have obtained a large following, your social media marketing efforts will be more successful. Consumers enjoy free things; offering a freebie, discounts or vouchers encourages people to follow and share your marketing campaign.      

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #6:

Refrain from Buying Facebook Fans or Facebook Page  

Gathering hundreds to thousands of followers overnight for a cost to looking more prominent sounds tempting, but these hollow fans will bring nothing to the table, and people in the market know these tactics.

It is never worthwhile. Same with buying an established Facebook page, once people realize that the concept has been changed, they will probably unlike and unfollow the page.

Although it is difficult to gain a fan base in your first weeks, by simply being active, posting relatable content to your market, and regular postings of videos, pictures, and posts, you will eventually reach your desired goals.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #7:

Develop A Contest to Enhance Followers    

You can create a contest or an incentive to increase your followers on your Facebook page. People love having the opportunity to win something, and if a freebie or incentive is something that has value, they will not hesitate to do their desired actions. It will not only enhance your followers but will also increase your visibility whenever they share your campaign.     

Social media marketing is a huge part of modern-day business.

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #8:

 Be Actively Involved    

In today’s modern technology, people expect a fast response in their comments, questions, and reviews within 4-24 hours. The quicker and more active you are in responding, the more effective. Avoid not responding at all. It shows disinterest and inactivity, which could lead to a loss of interest from your audience. Ensure to post updates on your Facebook page often and answer any questions or feedback your customers have on time.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #9:

Maintain a Positive Attitude   

The fact is, we cannot please everyone. But maintaining a positive attitude is a must when you are posting on your Facebook page.

Nobody likes a downer. Ensure that whatever you post on your Facebook page adheres to a cheerful brand voice or simply put a positive spin on it.    

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #10:

Encourage Your Fans to Recommend Your Page   

Your existing customers are your best salespeople. Set a goal of how many fans you want to achieve and let your followers know about the plan. Offer incentives such as a 5-10% discount for anyone who will share the post and tag their family and friends.    

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #11:

Stay Away from Stock Photos   

As much as possible, avoid getting generic stock photos and pictures for your logo. These deposit photos have been used multiple times by different brands, and people are tired of seeing them. Post real photos of your products, place of business, your employees, and even your customers (ask permission first). You can also encourage your buyers to post their photo uploads on your page.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #12:

Learn Who Your Target Audience   

Before you post your ad campaign, learn and better understand who your actual target audience is. It will help you conserve time and money in your marketing efforts by targeting customers who are ready to buy your product and try your services. Create a customer persona based on your business reports and analysis, filter them by demographics- age, locations, gender, interest, and online behavior.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #13:

Add Plug-Ins for Your Facebook Page   

Do not forget to include a plug-in for your Facebook page. These plug-ins make it easier to display hyperlinks leading to your page, special announcements, reviews, and even your subscriber list.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #14:

Have a Visually Appealing and Relevant Cover Photo   

When choosing your cover photo, make sure it highlights and showcases what your business does. It can be one of your bestselling products, your place of business, or anything that can remind your customers about the type of product and services your business provides.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #15:

Create Engaging Content  

Social media platforms are designed to help resolve customer issues before they arise and have better customer interaction. Whenever you post something, find various ways to get your fans engaged. It can be through a question, mini-games, and any other relatable content. You will be surprised at how people perceived your business.     

How to Use Facebook Marketing Tip #16:

 Organize and Customize Your Tabs  

Facebook made it easier to re-organize and customize your tabs for easy access and navigation.

This way, you can highlight relevant information and announcements, separate promotions, offers, coupons, and freebies without having to scroll through your wall posts.

You can also easily remove that tab from your Facebook page whenever the promotion or contest ended.      

Elevate Your Facebook Advertising     

Marketing and advertising are the core foundation of every business. Most often than not, these are being neglected by existing and new business owners. The result of your campaign depends on how many people get to see your post updates.

These are measurable by the number of likes and comments.     

For example, many people are active on their social media during nighttime or right after leaving work. If you want to target this market, you must post during those hours to get more visibility.    

A successful social media marketing campaign starts by having the right advertising tools.

With Simply Be Found.com, you can now easily schedule announcements, campaigns, events, run promotions, and even use real photos to attract more customers to your site for your local business profile. Once the post is done using Simply Be Found for your business profile turn around and post it to Facebook.

Step 1: log in to your Simply Be Found account, then click “Post.”

Simply Be Found Log In


Step 2: Click the Create Post to start creating your post. 

Create a Post


Step 3: Start creating your unique post. It can be a covid update, event, or an offer. You can also add a photo and schedule them according to your desired date and time. 

Step 3

Start turning your product views into sales!

If you want to see how Simply Be Found paves the way in getting your business quickly found by your customers online, visit Simply Be Found today or message us on Facebook.

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