What is NAP and How Does it Help Discover My Business?

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What is NAP and How Does It Improve Finding My Business?

The year is 2021 and if you are still not familiar with internet marketing, you are missing a lot. Learn what is NAP and how it helps your business be found.

Over 57% of businesses are not being found by customers with online searches and most businesses do not even know that they have this problem. I have owned and operated my business for over 25 years and in that time my business NAME, ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER (NAP) had been entered into many databases. When I first started using Simply Be Found I had discovered that I was not being found in the three-pack (first three businesses listed after doing an online search). I attribute this problem to my NAP issues which have been corrected now by Simply Be Found.

What is NAP and Why is it So Important?

Whether you have a new business or older like mine, organizations like BBB, Chamber, Yellow Book, and others sign you up and enter your business name into their listings. Although you approve and sign off on how they list your name, the actual entered data entry may vary. The slightest issue like a comma or period in the listing can cause issues.

Even using Street one time and St. another will throw up anomalies in the NAP. Why is that a big issue? Well, the search engines that are trying to connect new potential customers to your business, see these anomalies and lower the confidence in the match. This will result in not being found. Simply Be Found helps to resolve this issue through the function of the Business Information Tool in the platform.

When you become a member of Simply Be Found, one of the first steps is to enter your business name, address, phone number, and your hours. The correct information is then shared with poplar networks. They include but are not limited to directory and voice listings as well as GPS navigation sites.

Fixing and controlling your NAP is a critical and important step in improving your ranking in a search and being found. Using Simply Be Found platform has moved my business into the three-pack in a local search.

Please consider the following final thought of not being found by customers. It is going to yield the following outcome for you and your business. 0% of customers calling or coming into your business. 0% sales results in 0% profit. I do not know about you but that is not why I am in business. Fix your NAP and get found.

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