5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with Simply Be Found

5 easy ways to grow your business with Simply Be Found

Last Updated on: 1st February 2023, 04:58 pm

You are in the business of your dreams, but you have not been able to grow. The answer is simple: Use Simply Be Found.  

There are a lot of ways to grow your business with Simply Be Found. One way is through advertising, but you need to find the right place for it and make sure people can find you on their local search engine.   

You may be doing all the right things and investing in advertising, but if no one knows about your local business, what is the point? So how do you fix this problem? The answer is Simply Be Found!  

Get Your Business Found And Grow Your Business Over Time.

The Best Tips to Grow Your Business with Simply Be Found

1. Get Your Business Found on Voice Search

Let us face it! Voice search is the new norm. If you are still unaware of Siri and Amazon Alexa, it means you are losing a lot of opportunities. There are more than 111 million users of voice search features in the United States alone, which is nearly 40% of internet users in the United States.

If you think that voice search is only applicable on mobile devices, think again. With a large market, many technology companies slowly shifted in offering voice features on other gadgets and appliances such as watches, TVs, and lights, to name a few.

More and more local customers are searching for your business through voice search. It is essential that your business appears in these searches. If you want to make it possible, use Simply Be Found.

Simply Be Found helps to fix your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) as well as give you the best guidance and support in managing your local SEO strategy to increase your local search rankings. Read 3 Incredible Benefits of Voice Search Optimization to know more about how you can manage your voice search strategies effectively.

2. Get Your Business Advertised on Over 70 Places

Getting your business profile listed in several listings can be very challenging, time-consuming, and costly. As a small business owner, we know you have no time to do these things or have staff doing these things for you.

With Simply Be Found, we light up the load for you. We advertise, update, and blast your business information, including your business name, address, phone number, business hours, etc. On over 70 places to increase your product views and reach out to a lot of potential customers.

In order to help you grow your business, consistency with your NAP is essential. As a member of Simply Be Found, you can easily update your business information, and we sync automatically everywhere with no additional work from you.

3. Leverage by Using Question and Answer

Many small business owners are unaware of how vital Question and Answer is to their local businesses. With Simply Be Found, we make it easy, simple, and straightforward.

Answer your customer questions when they appear on you company profile. Or create a common questions then answer them immediately for your customers to see. Simply Be Found lets you manage, view, and answer common questions your business receives from potential customers. And we displayed it right away on your business profile!

To know more about how you can use Question and Answer in Simply Be Found, read How to Use Question and Answer in Simply Be Found.

4. Interactive Local SEO Playbook

For new small business owners, understanding how local SEO works can be very complicated and confusing. Simply Be Found understand how busy business owners and managers are. They are handling a lot of things at the same time and studying local SEO algorithms can be very overwhelming.

Simply Be Found designed an easy-to-use interactive playbook for business owners and managers like you. No intricate processes and complex systems to learn. We make it simple and straightforward. Everything you need about Local SEO is here- We have removed the fluff, getting to your results faster. On average, most of our members said they could do this in 4 hours or less per month.

5. Complete Marketing Support and Assistance

We know that Local SEO processes can be very complicated at first look. This is why your Simply Be Found family is here to support you in every way possible. From training guides to professional marketing recommendations, Simply Be Found got it covered.

Learn how to create a post, add photos, respond and manage your reviews, and grow your business over time.   

No matter what marketing, advertising, or business questions and concerns you have, we will respond as fast as we can. We want nothing but the local business success for each of our members.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this exclusive offer to grow your business and turn your views into sales, visit Simply Be Found and sign up as a member now!    

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