3 Incredible Benefits of Voice Optimization for Businesses

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3 Incredible Benefits of Voice Optimization for Businesses

Voice optimization is expanding rapidly, and as a local business owner, you should take advantage of this opportunity in optimizing your local business. Learn 3 Incredible Benefits of voice optimization for your business.

Voice search goes beyond the typical at-home tech-dependent devices; now, you can easily access it right on your mobile devices. Gone are the days that cellphone only for texting, calling, or browsing on your social media.

They are also being used to discover local businesses. 46% of online searches are about local businesses’ information such as business hours, direction requests, contact numbers, reviews, and more.

Why should I care about voice optimization?

Voice search is the second leading form of online searches followed by regular typing searches. The difference between these two local search engines is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords.

Voice search uses more long-tail keywords like the conversational tone we use when asking questions. Voice-first devices also give users a sense of empowerment, and they feel more tech-savvy compared to doing regular searches.

This technology is ideal for busy people who look forward to getting quick answers to their needs. The algorithm follows proximity, relevance, and prominence, and with the right information followed by relevant keywords, guarantees your business upfront and boosts your local search results by 300%+.

Voice Search is advancing very quickly. In fact, through voice commands, you can now book an appointment, make a phone call, and even send out text messages without the need to open your phone and do it yourself.

Benefits of Voice Commands for Search

What is even cooler than having your assistant right at your smartphones? Voice search assistants provide better results thanks to online algorithms. The number one search engine in the world has a whopping 95% accuracy guarantee to get things done correctly.

Local businesses are transitioning from the conventional way of reaching out to their customers, and this is where voice search takes place. Voice search gives satisfaction to people on the go because it makes everything faster, accessible, and convenient.

People like being productive, and voice searches offer them a chance to do multiple tasks without compromising other things like driving, shopping, or even eating out.

Here are other reasons why more people are dependent on voice searches nowadays:

1. It enables you to do different tasks at once.

2. Busy individuals can get quick answers to their questions; For example, driving directions to the nearest salon, a convenience store near me, and the best coffee shop in Windsor, Colorado.

3. Everyday routine gets easier, convenient, and saves you plenty of time.

Voice search is also known to be a great tool in optimizing your local SEO.

A recent study shows that 58% of consumers have found local businesses through voice search; 53% of those have called, asked for direction requests, and even book an appointment. All done seamlessly on voice search command.

The online algorithm can be tricky sometimes, which is why Simply Be Found is here to help you optimize your local business through voice search marketing to increase your website traffic and gain the highest conversion result possible.

Simply Be Found gets your business listed in popular networks and listing agencies; voice search included. We help empowers your local businesses to all kinds of online searches there is- whether it is voice, local, desktop or mobile searches.

Simply Be Found is not affiliated and/or a partner in any way with Bing, Google, Apple, or any other third party. We are proud to be a privately owned small business located in Windsor, Colorado, advocating for other small to medium-sized businesses.

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