Better Online Reputation Management in 3 Simple Ways

Last Updated on: 12th December 2022, 03:36 pm

How can you have better online reputation management against other business owners that already manage theirs? Let’s break it down into 3 areas you can work on immediately.

Online reputation does not only deal with the human aspect but also with how your business is presented to the eyes of search engines such as Google. And whether which business is the most presentable to the online user (or customer) when doing an online search for a product or service.

Online Reputation Management – Generate and Manage Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important factors in reputation management. Businesses often get poor reviews without any prompting from disappointed customers. However, the satisfied customer needs to be asked if they would consider leaving a review if they were pleased. That is human nature that the negative comes out first. So businesses should be asking every customer new or old for a review by sharing review links while in they are in place of business or by email.

Now, having your business listed across different listing sites or platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, and more (even including Facebook) that allows users to leave reviews can be very tricky to manage. And how managing reviews tie-up with online reputation management, which is to reply to all reviews across different channels.

Consumers come from different places to find a product or service. Being able to keep in touch with reviews will help in both user and technical side of online reputation. If let’s say a user finds you in Apple Maps, they’ll see a different review from what is on your Google Business Profile. It may even show up that it has no reviews at all. So having a system in place to have eyes on different websites or channels that have a review about your business will put you in a high spot against your competitors who only focus on one.

Having the system in place is key, especially with negative reviews scattered across different sites about your business. Imagine dealing with numerous reviews from different websites and having to go from page to page to resolve any negative feedback that was given, or at least know that there had been negative feedback on you.

We’ve mentioned that you can work on each area immediately. You can run around and access 50 plus networks that have a review on your business all at the same time, or simply become a member of our platform and fix any mismanagement of your reviews in one place.

We know for a fact that good or bad feedbacks, comments, or reviews make you, a local business owner, anxious. Let’s resolve that with a few clicks of a button, click here if you want to work on this item ASAP. Moving forward with this blog, keep in mind that working on the three items immediately involves becoming a member at Simply Be Found. Now that we’ve covered managing and generating reviews let’s go with why and how you can consistently publish updates online.

Online Reputation Management – Consistently Publish Updates Online

Let’s talk about why you should consistently publish updates, and why the term updates. Right now, even without a website, any local business can publish posts online, whether promotional or anything new. Not even including social media in this paragraph, we’re talking about mini-blogs scattered around business listing websites, that as of now, are able to allow local business owners who have their business listed, to post photos, updates, offers, events, and what have you.

These listing websites do this so that when a search for a product or service is done by a user, it helps with giving quality and easy decision-making for the user. A key example is Google Business Profile (secondary is Bing and Apple Places) which allows owners to post on their business profiles. Now how does this help online reputation management for local business owners?

Again, it works both ways- works in relation to people seeing your business, and works with the search engines to assess your relevance to a specific industry or business type that an online user will be getting when doing online searches. Now, with reference to consistently publishing updates, you need to at least do an online post on either your business listing or website once a day, to keep you a step ahead on competitors who don’t even post updates about their business, or do updates but at irrelevant networks or sites that don’t give the right boost to their online reputation.

You’ve guessed it, is there a way that you can do posts on different channels or sites at the same time? Yes! Part of being a member, apart from managing your reviews, is to be able to post updates on different listing networks and if you choose to be a member- have us create you a website and post the update there as well! All from a single dashboard and even through mobile or desktop.

Now let’s say your business doesn’t give you enough time to do updates or not have someone do it, you can do it during an hour of your free time and schedule 5-7 posts for the week, one a day. Sounds easy enough right? Now look at other local businesses spending time and effort on dealing with this area on online reputation management, not even knowing if what they’re doing is effective.

Take a look at our specific tool for this and see how it can help you garner not only customers but ranking power on search engines with your business. If you do not have someone to make updates for you and you’re not really into “blogging”, our tool makes it very easy to make one, it includes fields of requirements and tips to effectively create a post so that each post increases your Local SEO and Online Reputation. Speaking of Local SEO, let’s move on with the final area.

Online Reputation Management – Focus on Local SEO

The two items above are already part of local SEO, but what this section will tell you is how other local businesses rank higher than those who spend thousands of dollars on general SEO and advertising. And that is focusing on Local SEO which deals with more than the two items listed above. It sounds daunting and intimidating, feels like a heavy task, and is tech-oriented, but no. It is as simple as having to do it yourself.

You do not need a marketing team or outsource a team to do it for you. It is so painless that you can do it yourself for less than an hour a week. How? Again you’ve guessed it, by becoming a member of Simply Be Found you will have access to our platform. Then as a member, you will have your personalized to-do list in order to improve your local SEO. These are prompts that are produced by our proprietary algorithm after you connect your business listing to our platform.

If you don’t have a published business listing, we will do it for you. Among other features, there are also tools that are for industry-specific businesses. This is your winning chance for having the best online reputation management. Improve everything from a single dashboard and single membership plan.

It’s time that you get your online reputation sorted out, become a member now!

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