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The 9 Best Local SEO Tools in 2024


Last Updated on: 8th April 2024, 01:39 pm

Local search engine optimization is essential for any business with a physical location. The right tools give you the power to reach potential customers right in your community.

1. Simply Be Found: Your Local SEO Powerhouse

Simply Be Found stands apart with its unique combination of free solutions, robust features, and tailored guidance:

  • Free Local SEO Tools: Explore keyword research, listing checks, and more to kickstart your local SEO
  • Free Multi-Location Tools: Effortlessly manage your listings across the web – even if you have multiple branches.
  • Reputation Management: Proactively monitor reviews to build trust within your community.
  • Listings/Citation Management: Ensure consistent information across directories to help more people find you.
  • Tailored Local SEO Solutions: Get the right tools and guidance for your specific business needs.

Ready to take your local presence to the next level? []

The Rest of the Best: Specialized Solutions

2. Semrush: The Established All-Rounder

Semrush offers a complete toolkit for managing your local presence and tracking your progress.

3. Growthbar (Chrome Extension)

Need quick insights and competitive analysis? Growthbar is your go-to:

  • Competitor Analysis: See rivals’ top keywords and their domain authority – a sign of how much search engines trust them.
  • Local Keyword Research: Uncover the exact terms people in your area are searching for within your niche.
  • Rank Tracker: See how domains (including yours!) perform for specific keywords and locations.

4. Georanker

Georanker offers unique global insights perfect for businesses with an international outlook or targeting multiple locations:

  • Global Rank Tracking: See how you rank in different places with easy-to-understand heatmaps.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Identify areas where you rank well (and places you need to improve) to refine your ad spending.
  • Citation Tool: See which directories help your competitors get listed to prioritize getting your business listed there too.

5. Yext

Yext is your reputation management and voice search specialist:

  • Centralized Review Monitoring: One dashboard to see reviews across multiple sites, so you can respond quickly.
  • Authentic Reviews: Grab positive testimonials straight from customers to use on your own website.
  • Voice Search Optimization: Ensure your listings are ready for “Hey Siri, find a [business type] near me” searches.

6. Synup

Synup keeps your listings consistent, tracks performance, and helps you boost your web presence:

  • Data Accuracy: Find and fix incorrect information across over 200 directories. Avoid frustrating customers with wrong addresses!
  • Web & Search Ranking Monitoring: See how you’re performing on search engines and fine-tune your SEO.
  • Notifications & Syncing: Get alerts about new reviews, and make sure your information is up-to-date everywhere.

7. BiQ

BiQ is your rank tracking and keyword analysis companion helping you outrank the competition:

  • Real-time Rank Tracking: Get up-to-the-minute data for up to 1000 keywords in multiple languages.
  • Content Gap Analysis: Discover the topics you should cover to steal traffic from your rivals.
  • Content & Marketing Ideas: BiQ goes beyond keywords to help you plan engaging campaigns around what people want.

8. Localo

Localo is quick, streamlined, and totally free:

  • Google Visibility Check: Analyze your presence and rivals with a simple, no-fuss tool that requires no signups.

9. Google Suite: The Free Essentials

  • Google Business Profile: The cornerstone of local search – claim, optimize, and monitor this listing.
  • Google Search Console: Uncover what keywords bring people to your site, plus diagnose any technical errors Google finds.
  • Google Analytics: Analyze web traffic – who visits, how long they stay – to refine your content and offers.
  • Google Trends: Spot local search trends for timely campaigns and discover what people care about in your area.

The Right Tools for the Job


The ideal local SEO toolkit is a mix that matches your needs and budget. Invest in tools that help you achieve the most important tasks, whether it’s reputation, listings, or tracking specific keywords.

Let me know if you’d like any other sections expanded!

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