Why Voice Search Matters Big Time for Local Businesses

Why Voice Search Matters Big Time for Local Businesses

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2023, 11:49 am

In this blog we’ll talk about why voice search matters. Hey, got a smartphone? Chances are, you’ve used voice search recently. According to a study by BrightLocal, 66% of us have! And if you run a business that caters to local folks—like a restaurant, store, or home service—you need to pay attention to this.

Why Local SEO Is a Game-Changer for Voice Search

  1. It’s Local: When someone’s looking for a coffee shop, they’re probably asking Siri, “Where’s the nearest coffee shop?”
  2. It’s Handy: Voice search matters as it is your best bud when you’re driving, cooking, or just super busy.
  3. It’s Trending: As more people chat with Alexa or Google Assistant, local search becomes even more crucial.

Local SEO: Your Secret Weapon for 2023 and Beyond

So what’s Local SEO? It’s a bunch of strategies to make sure your business shows up when people search for stuff nearby. Here’s why it should be in your game plan:

  • Growing Popularity of Voice Search: The rise in voice search makes local SEO a must-have.
  • Budget-Friendly: Compared to other marketing strategies, local SEO won’t break the bank.
  • Trackable Results: You can actually see how many people are finding you through local search.

Who Should Be All Ears?

Got a business that serves local customers? Pay attention. We’re talking real estate agents, restaurant owners, retail shops, home service pros, car dealerships, and healthcare providers.

Get Ahead with Local SEO: Tips & Tricks

  • Google My Business: Start here. It’s free and super easy.
  • Other Online Directories: Think Yelp and Yellow Pages.
  • Create Good Content: Write blogs that answer people’s questions.
  • Backlinks: Get other sites to link to you; it’s like a thumbs-up for your website.
  • Try Local SEO Tools: Check out tools like Simply Be Found to up your game.

Quick Tips for Specific Industries:

Real Estate:

  • Use keywords like “homes for sale in [your city]”
  • Write blogs about home buying tips.


  • Use keywords related to your food and location.
  • Offer online ordering to make life easier for your customers.


  • Write about new and trending products.
  • Offer in-store pickup for online orders.

Home Services:

  • Target keywords like “[your city] plumbers.”
  • Offer emergency services to stand out.


  • Write about the latest car models and repair tips.
  • Allow online appointment bookings.


  • Focus on keywords like “[your city] doctors.”
  • Make appointments easy to book online.

By focusing on local SEO, you can make sure people find your business when they’re asking their phones for help. So, start optimizing now to reel in those local customers!

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. If your business relies on local folks walking through your doors, you can’t afford to ignore voice search and local SEO. The world’s going more and more digital, and that little phone assistant is becoming everyone’s go-to for quick answers. You’ll want your business to be the one they find first.

Last-Minute Must-Dos

  • Get Reviews: Positive online reviews can boost your local SEO. Ask your happy customers to take a minute to write a review.
  • Local Ads: Consider running local search ads. You pay only when someone clicks, making it a cost-effective way to get noticed.
  • Schema Markup: This might sound techy, but it’s just a code you add to your website to help search engines better understand your business details.

Keep Learning: Why Voice Search Matters

The landscape is always changing, so stay updated on local SEO and voice search trends. Make it a habit to check out resources, participate in webinars, and follow industry leaders. Your business will thank you for it.

By putting in a bit of work upfront to optimize your online presence, you’ll be set to attract more local customers — whether they’re typing or talking. So, are you ready to get found? Visit Simply Be Found today and see how we can help you get found by more local customers with local SEO and voice search and to learn more on why voice search matters.

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