Why Real Estate Agents Need to Jump on the Voice Search Bandwagon

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Jump on the Voice Search Bandwagon

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2023, 07:32 am

Voice Search Registration For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents, whose livelihoods hinge on their visibility to potential clients, need to grasp the significance of this trend. Voice search isn’t just a fad—it’s becoming a go-to way for people to search online. So if you’re a real estate agent and you’re not optimized for voice search, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get in front of potential clients.

The technological landscape is in constant flux, and one of the most prominent advancements in recent years has been the rise of voice-activated searches. Gone are the days when searching the web required sitting down at a computer and typing into a search bar.

Today, a simple voice command to a smartphone or a smart home device, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, can provide answers within seconds. This shift isn’t just a novelty—it’s quickly becoming a standard method of online search.

For industries like real estate, where timing and quick access to information can make or break a deal, the implications of voice search are profound. Real estate agents, whose livelihoods hinge on their visibility to potential clients, need to grasp the significance of this trend.

What Exactly Is Voice Search?

Voice search is like your standard Google search but without the typing. You simply ask your phone, smart speaker, or even some newer cars with built-in voice assistants, and voila! Your answers appear on the screen or are read aloud to you.

Why It’s a Big Deal for Real Estate Agents

Imagine this: Someone’s driving through a neighborhood they’re interested in. They see a “For Sale” sign but don’t have time to jot down details. Instead, they ask their voice assistant, “Who are the top real estate agents near me?” You want to be the name that comes up, right? That’s why voice search matters.

Step-By-Step Guide: Getting Your Name in Voice Searches

So how do you make sure your name pops up when someone asks their virtual assistant about real estate agents? Let’s break it down:

  1. Google My Business: This is pretty much your online business card. It’s free and shows your business on Google Search and Maps. Make sure you fill it out completely—address, phone number, website, and even photos of your office.
  2. Other Directories: Google isn’t the only game in town. Get yourself listed on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Bing Places. Each directory might be used in different voice search platforms, so cover all your bases.
  3. Consistent Info: Make sure your information is consistent across all platforms. If there’s a mistake somewhere, it could mess up your voice search results.

How Simply Be Found Makes Your Life Easier

Let’s be honest, managing all this can be time-consuming. That’s where SimplyBeFound.com comes in. This tool does the hard work for you:

  • Business Listings: It gets you on multiple online directories and makes sure your info is the same on each one. This is huge for voice search rankings.
  • Local SEO Tools: It helps you figure out what keywords people in your area are using to find services like yours. You can then use these keywords on your website or blog.
  • Voice Search Optimization: Simply Be Found has tips and resources to optimize for voice search, like using conversational phrases that people might speak rather than type.

Extra Tips to Maximize Your Voice Search Presence

  • Local Keywords: Use phrases like “real estate agent in Miami” instead of just “real estate agent.”
  • Business Hours: Adding this to your online profiles can be a game-changer. People want to know when they can call or visit you.
  • Client Reviews: Good reviews boost your credibility and can affect how high you rank in voice search. So don’t be shy—ask your satisfied clients to leave a review.
  • Stay Current: Voice search tech is always changing. Sign up for industry newsletters, read blogs, and keep yourself updated.

Voice search is here to stay, and it’s making life a lot easier for consumers. Make sure it’s making your life easier too by helping clients find you faster and easier than ever before.

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