Simply Be Found and Birdeye Comparison 

Simply Be Found and Birdeye

Last Updated on: 8th February 2024, 01:24 pm

Based on a general understanding of such platforms, here’s a comparative analysis of Simply Be Found and Birdeye

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Feature Simply Be Found BirdEye 
Marketing Coach Available Not Available 
To Do List Available Not Available 
Posts (Facebook and Google Business Profile) Available Available  
Service Area Available Available 
Questions and Answers Available Not Available 
Business Area Available Available 
Leads / Basic CRM Available Available 
Review Monitoring Available Available 
Review Generation Available Available 
Photos Available Available 
Offers and Coupons Available Not Available 
Events Available Not Available 
Restaurant Menu Creation Available Not Available 
Website Widgets Available Not Available 
Unlimited Users Available Available 
Charge per UserNoYes
Multi-Location Available Available 
Open API Available Available 
White Label  Available Available 


  • Direct Business Engagement: Simply Be Found shines in features that facilitate direct engagement with customers, such as Q&A, posts on social media, and events. This direct interaction is key for small businesses focusing on local community engagement. 
  • Marketing Coach and To-Do List: The presence of a marketing coach and a to-do list in Simply Be Found highlights its commitment to assisting small businesses in navigating their marketing journey, an aspect not evidently covered by Birdeye. 
  • Review Management: Both platforms offer comprehensive review monitoring and generation, but Simply Be Found’s approach might be more tailored for smaller businesses, offering straightforward solutions. 
  • User Accessibility: With features like unlimited users and website widgets, Simply Be Found underscores its user-friendly and accessible platform, ideal for businesses seeking an intuitive and comprehensive local marketing tool. 
  • Offers and Coupons: This feature is a vital marketing tool for businesses looking to attract new customers or reward loyal ones. Offers and coupons can drive sales, increase customer engagement, and provide an incentive for customers to choose a business over competitors. This is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that need to establish a strong local presence and compete with larger chains. 
  • Restaurant Menu Builder: For restaurants, cafes, and eateries, the ability to create and update menus online is crucial. It allows these businesses to quickly adapt to changes, showcase their offerings, and attract customers by highlighting their specialties. Simply Be Found’s inclusion of this feature demonstrates a targeted approach to meeting the specific needs of the restaurant industry. 

Simply Be Found and Birdeye

Simply Be Found and Birdeye serve businesses looking to enhance their online presence but cater to slightly different needs. Simply Be Found is more specialized in local SEO and might be more accessible for small businesses focusing on local markets. On the other hand, BirdEye offers a wider range of tools that cover various aspects of customer experience management and might be more suited for businesses that are also looking for robust review management and customer interaction tools. 

For businesses whose strategies rely heavily on community engagement, regular promotions, and industry-specific needs like menu updates, Simply Be Found offers a more tailored solution. This makes it an attractive option for small to medium businesses looking to leverage these tools to enhance their local market presence and direct customer engagement.

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