Do Your Own Marketing Platform for Small Business Owners

Do Your Own Marketing Platform for Small business Owner

Last Updated on: 14th December 2022, 11:40 am

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Not only do they need to run their businesses, but they also often need to do their own marketing. This can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A great way to get started is by using our simple platform, Simply Be Found. You can easily manage your business listing, without having to hire a marketing agency.

How Small Businesses Can Be Found Online 

The entire thing businesses need to understand is they need to be found in more places than they ever had been. When it comes to that small business owner – I do not care if you own a restaurant, if you are a roofer, if you are a plumber, if you’re a landscaper, or if you’re that retail shop, you need customers to be able to come into your business. You need to be found when people are searching. They’re on their phones. They are looking for you. They are using Alexa, they’re using Siri. They’re using more devices now than ever. They are picking up their phone and punching things in, they’re going to the search boxes and there are so different ways that everybody is doing it.  

Why You Should Care About Being Found on Bing 

Everybody is forgetting about Bing and how powerful Bing is. Bing is now to it, a whole piece that you have to install a special program to be able to install Chrome, which means that Bing is now being used a lot more. Edge makes it the default browser because it’s all Microsoft-owned. 

How Simple is Simply Be Found? 

There are so many different things that changed. There’s so much business and being able to get you found, it’s crazy. That is why we developed Simply Be Found. We made Simple Be Found for business owners to be able to do their own marketing, to make it easy for them to do, make it simple. It’s one of those things, where all you have to do is log in. You can do it once a week and it takes about an hour. If you do it that way to get the best results for most businesses or about five to 10 minutes per day.  

You log in, you check your reviews, you generate more reviews, and you send review requests.  
You do a couple of posts, you add a couple of photos, and with very simple steps, you’re done. Our system goes to work for you. 

It makes sure you’re being placed in the places that are going to make it matter to your business. 
It does the magic for you. So, I and my partner’s whole entire point of creating Simply Be Found is to be able to help small businesses, to get their businesses found by more customers. 

Simply Be Found accomplishes this and does it in a cost-effective way, and makes it super simple for you to do, give us a try. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. We offer a monthly plan and there’s also a yearly plan. So, definitely check us out, We will see you on the inside. 

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