How To Get More Local Customers For Your Restaurant

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If you’re a local restaurant, bar, or anything in the food industry, you know that getting more local customers can be difficult. But what if there was a simple way to quickly and efficiently get more local customers? Simply Be Found is a platform that makes it simple for restaurants to get found by more local people using data points like menu items, events, offers, and special hours. It also helps with voice searches, local searches, and inside maps. Plus, it makes it easier for customers to leave reviews and for you to monitor and manage them easily. If you want to learn how restaurants increase their traffic with Simply Be Found, read the blog post and watch the video.

Why Restaurant Owners Should Use Simply Be Found?

If you’re a busy restaurant owner, manager, or marketer for a restaurant, you’re extremely busy. You’re worried about your labor, you’re worried about your food costs, you’re worried about your vendor issues, you’re worried about your staffing issues, you’re worried about all those things.

The one thing you should not be worried about is your marketing. You should not be worried about how people are finding you. If they’re going to find you making sure that you’re in the top three pack, you shouldn’t have to be able to make review generation and gain more reviews about your restaurant hard. You should be able to do all of that from one place very simply, and you should be able to complete each of your tasks within five minutes.

That is why Simply Be Found created the five-minute marketing plan for restaurants, and created a toolset for you to be able to market your restaurant in a way that’s gonna get you found by more local customers. I wanted to bring these things together. We really focused on the local businesses and we’re excited about this new version that we’re bringing out to be able to hit the restaurant world and offer the feedback that we’ve received from current members based on what they wanted to be able to see. They wanted to be able to see that they could generate more reviews. They wanted to see that they could be found by more people. They wanted to be able to share their restaurant menus. They wanted to be able to do all these things. We made it very easy to be able to do it inside that five-minute marketing piece.

Tip #1 To Get Your Restaurant Found: Showcase Your Restaurant Menu

restaurant menu

You can literally do your restaurant menu. You can create your restaurant menu and automatically share it on your website. You update it inside our platform, and it automatically updates your website no matter if you’re using us as the hosted company or web development company, or if you’re doing it on your own or have a developer. It’s a simple, little, tiny piece of code that you put on there and it updates instantly. Now, with that being said, it also updates a Google Business profile. This leads you are gonna pop up and search results even more because a lot of restaurants are just taking a picture of their menu.

They’re not actually putting that data in. Each of those pieces and parts of that menu is all information that could be used and are data points for customers to be able to find your business. So let’s use those, let’s bring those in to get your restaurant found by more people.

Tip #2 To Get Your Restaurant Found: Reach More Local Customers

Let’s bring all those data points into your local SEO plan for your restaurant so you get found by more local people. This will help you with voice search. This will help you with local searches and it will also help you inside maps. When people are looking for your business, the number one thing they’re doing is they’re saying, “Hey, find a restaurant near me.”, “Hey, find a Mexican food restaurant near me.” or “Hey, find Chinese near me.” Whatever it might be.

They might be looking for a bar, they might be looking for a place with a band playing tonight. That’s where our events piece comes in. They might be looking for coupons and offers, we can do that too. All of that is done within the platform.

Tip #3 To Get Your Restaurant Found: Manage Your Online Reputation Simply

One of the biggest things that it can do besides the restaurants’ piece, is being able to generate more reviews. It makes it to where you are getting the reviews and the spots that are gonna matter and making the user experience so that your customers have the best experience leaving a review about your restaurant. That shouldn’t be difficult.

Yes, you’re not gonna get five-star reviews every single time, because you’re not gonna make everybody happy. We all know that. But making it easier for them to communicate their experience and then make it easy for you to monitor and reply to those reviews so you could take a bad review and make it a positive one is all the pieces that you need, and like I said, this should only take you five minutes per task.

The Simple 5-Minute Marketing Plan For Your Restaurant

Now most restaurant owners, managers, and marketers ask one question, “I don’t know how to do my own marketing. I’m scared. I’m scared of messing something up. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know where to begin. I know my business better than anybody, but I do not know where to begin.” That is where our marketing to-do list comes in. It’ll literally hand-hold you. Let’s see if I can walk and hand-hold you through the entire process.

It’s gonna tell you what you need to do and most of the things that are asked are all questions. It will ask you, “Do you have any special hours upcoming for this holiday?” It might ask you, “Would you like to do a post?” or it might ask you if you have any offers or coupons?

Because this is happening. It’ll walk you through everything and that’s why you could do your tasks in just five minutes. It’s super simple, super easy, and it’s designed for the non-tech savvy. If you’re a restaurant, bar, or anything in the food industry, make sure you check us out at

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