Domain popularity denotes the number of backlinks that direct from different domains to a website.

Domain popularity is one of the main criteria for the importance of a website in the eyes of search engines. Excellent domain popularity may thus be an important success factor for good positioning in the SERPs. The former ranking factor of ?link popularity? has been largely supplanted and replaced by domain popularity. Link popularity could be manipulated too easily, which is not the case for domain popularity.

Google checks the value and reputation of a website on the Internet based on the number of backlinks. Over time, it turned out that this statistic was only partially suitable. If a website is recommended by one person over and over again, in other words, hundreds or even thousands or backlinks are set from just one website, it is still in effect only a recommendation. Therefore, as part of domain popularity (short domain pop) an additional verification is done of how many sites the backlinks originate from.

Each domain from which one or more backlinks are received is rated with one point only. A website that provides 100 links to another, has the same value with respect to domain popularity as one with only one outgoing link. This is to find out how many different people consider a website useful and recommendable.