Does Your Business Depend On

Being Found By Local Customers?

Get Your Business Found On Voice Search Local Search Maps Bing Google Apple Maps Facebook Alexa Siri Cortana  Bixby Siri Google Assistant On Up To 300 Networks Total

Get In Front Of More Local Customers

That Are Searching For The Products & Services You Sell!

Voice Search Ready: Never Miss a 'Near Me' Opportunity

People are increasingly using their voices to search on devices like smart speakers, phones, and more. They’re asking for things like “find a [your service] near me”. We optimize your business so it’s likely to pop up when these voice searches happen.

Be the Top Choice in Your Local Area

Ever searched for a service near you? We work to make sure your business is the one locals find in such searches. We harness your business details and optimize your visibility on search engines like Google and Bing, and on business directories like Bing Places and Google Business Profile. This way, more locals can find you when they need your service.

Put Your Business on the Map, Literally

People often look for services on map apps. We ensure your business is there and easy to find. We keep your business information updated on key map platforms like Apple Maps, Bing Maps, and Google Maps. No more missed customers because of outdated or wrong map information.

Simplify Your Social Media Management

Juggling social media can be tough, but we simplify it. Our platform lets you create and schedule posts for Facebook and Google Business Profile from a single place. Craft your message, set a time, and reach your local customers – it’s that easy.

Rank Higher Than Your Competition &

Turbocharge Your Business & Be Found On

Your Business Will Be Registered, Listed and Found On Up To 300 Networks

When You Use The Simply Be Found Proprietary Listings Engine

Make Getting

New Customers Simple

Using Simply Be Found You Will Be Able To Do Your OWN Marketing
In Just 5 to 10 Minutes Per Day

Here's How You Will Be Found

When You Are Being Found In The Right Spot

Be Found Organically

Our innovative and simple to use tools will differentiate your business’ brand to stand out organically. Our innovative strategies will improve your voice and search engine results by attracting a wider customer base. Thus, increasing calls and visits to your business allowing you to thrive in the digital landscape

No Website? No Problem!

Whether you’ve got a fully designed website or haven’t ventured into that space yet, it doesn’t matter. Our platform seamlessly markets your business to your local customers, ensuring you’re always within their reach.

No Tech Skills? No Problem!

Our user-friendly platform is designed to be as simple as it gets. No tech skills? Don’t sweat it! We’ve made it easy for anyone to make their mark online and grow their local business.

Your business will be registered on the top voice search networks to help you get in front of more customers searching for the products and services you sell!

Local SEO

You will get access to  simple marketing tools to help you do your own marketing in about 5 to 10 minutes per day! No tech skills required!


Get access to a marketing coach that understands small businesses and the real-life struggles when it comes to getting your business found. This making doing your own marketing simple. 

Built By Your Feedback

Our entire platform is built by member feedback which makes us the go to marketing platform for small businesses because it has the right tools and focuses on being simple to use, affortable, and focuses on your bottom line.

Built For Small Business

Dean and Rob have 60+ years of small business experience. We understand the struggles, the challenges, and everything that comes with being a small business owner. We created Simply Be Found because we needed a solution that works for our other businesses, so we use the platform as a user and not just selling a solution.

Weekly Training Videos

We put out weekly training videos on the topics of how to use the platform, changes in the marketing and advertising world, and keeping you up to date on what you need to know.

1 in 5 Chance

We are a small business and with small team but a powerful marketing platform. We believe in personal service and you have 1 in 5 chance of getting a co-founder when you have communication with us.


We are here to support you every step of the way. If you get lost, have a question or just need a little help we are a email away! Both Dean and Rob handle support along with our customer support team. We love to hear from our members and see them be sucessful.

Community Facebook Page

We have a community Facebook page where members can ask marketing questions, engage with each other, and be part of a community of local businesses who want to do their own marketing.

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