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Last Updated on: 15th September 2022, 12:19 pm

Windsor, CO Tech-Based Company Has Set Out to Help Local Businesses Nationwide

The story behind the new DIY Marketing Platform that’s dedicated to helping local businesses all around the US.

The journey to help local businesses started when Rob Downey, a Serial Entrepreneur; and Local Marketing Expert, explored how well Dean Koehler’s local business in Windsor, CO, was being found by voice search (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant…). Rob had been urging Dean to be promoting his business through specific online techniques. But like most local business owners, he was too busy working the business rather than finding time to do marketing and advertising online.

Rob being an expert in Local SEO- had been trying to figure out a way to make things easy and without a substantial time commitment for local businesses to better position themselves in their service area. After discovering not being found on the voice search, Dean commented, “I cannot believe that I am not the number one positioned business on the search while standing in my own front office. Let alone not being found on by the search at all!” Which was his aha moment about Local SEO value.

Rob understood that business owners didn’t like to give up control over how their business was represented in advertising and marketing media of any kind. “The online promotion to improve Local SEO for any business has to be easy with a nearly zero learning curve. The business owner also doesn’t have the time to study the ins and outs of online marketing,” said Rob.

“I also made assumptions that most business owners would be around 50 years of age, and technology is not their strongest suit. I realized this is about 2008 and have been thinking for a long time about this issue.” Rob added.

The results from questioning business owners like Dean and many others is that they want to be guided or told what and when to take the actions needed to help their Local SEO. Thus, the creation of the to-do list is a proprietary algorithm that looks at each business and the competition in each unique service area to determine the actions needed.

“Every time a business owner logs into the platform, they are met with the to-do list informing them about all the actions needed to be completed. It ranges from letting them know there are new reviews or questions from customers to the recommended photos and posts.” Commented Rob. He added, “Our members are even reminded to add special or holiday hours that they could be closed like the 4th of July. Small pieces like this are so critical for the local business owner to do so that their customers are always aware of the business’s status.”

When this all clicked for Dean, they started collaborating on how to accomplish this much-needed process for all local businesses. They started laying out the groundwork to build a marketing platform from the ground up that is designed to be simple for any business owner or staff to use with an almost zero learning curve.

They started by looking at what action items could be put on the to-do list that would bring the most value to local business owners and could be automated. They also wanted the proprietary algorithm to learn about each member’s unique business over time and analyze what is working for other members in that same industry. Additionally, to understand what is working for the business’s competition and be reactive to guide the member in their next to-do list.

The result was Simply Be Found, the new unique DIY Marketing Platform designed to help business owners get found by spending about an hour a week using it and completing easy-to-understand tasks on their to-do list was born. As a member of Simply Be Found, the system advertises their businesses in places and gets them found on voice search and within local search. With the help of our DIY Marketing Platform, businesses can generate more reviews about their company while monitoring and replying to them simultaneously. Businesses that want to tap into all the advantages available to members may even get a website built, hosted, and updated without requiring additional costs. Or they may use their current website and add Simply Be Found to their marketing efforts.

They also threw out this interesting fact- studies have shown that 70% of businesses are not getting found on Local SEO, which today gets compared with the yellow pages. Local SEO is how you get found on local listings, voice searches, and motivated customers looking for your products or services.

Rob and Dean are so confident in the Simply Be Found marketing platform. Visit to learn more.

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