Why Online Reviews Matter for Realtors

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Online Reviews for Realtors

When you’re looking for a new home, the most important person to consult isn’t your best friend or even your parents. It’s the real estate agent you choose to help you through the process. 

But how do you know which agent to choose? And once you’ve made your decision, how can you be sure that they’re doing a good job?  

One way to find out is by reading online reviews.  

Many people consult online reviews before making a purchase; the same is true for choosing a real estate agent. In fact, 44% of buyers say that online reviews are “extremely” or “very” important when selecting an agent.  

There are a few reasons why online reviews matter for realtors like you.

 1. Online reviews provide potential clients with insights into your past performance

If you’re a real estate professional, you know that online reviews can make or break your business. After all, potential clients are looking for insights into your past performance, and a few bad reviews can quickly send them running to another realtor. But why are online reviews so important? Well, for starters, they provide an easy way for potential clients to learn about your business. And let’s face it: in today’s digital world, people are more likely than ever to research a business online before they decide to work with them. Furthermore, online reviews give you an opportunity to show off your customer service skills. A quick response to a negative review can show that you’re attentive and willing to address any concerns that might arise. In short, online reviews can be extremely valuable for realtors.

2. Online reviews can help you attract new clients 

As a real estate professional, one of the best ways to attract new clients is by getting positive online reviews. In today’s digital world, more and more people are using the internet to research local businesses before they make a purchase. According to a recent study, over 80% of consumers say they read online reviews before engaging with a business. And when it comes to real estate, online reviews can be a make or break for a realtor. If you have positive reviews, potential clients will see that you’re an expert in your field and that you’re someone they can trust. But if you have negative reviews, converting leads into clients will be harder. That’s why it’s so important to actively manage your online reputation and encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. A few simple steps can make a big difference in attracting new real estate clients.

3. Online reviews can help you build your brand

As a real estate agent, your brand is one of your most important assets. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and helps you build trust with potential clients. And one of the best ways to build and promote your brand is through online reviews. Online reviews are a powerful way to showcase your brand and build trust with potential clients. They provide social proof that you’re an expert in your field, and they can help boost your search engine ranking. Reviews also give you an opportunity to address any concerns potential clients may have about working with you. So, if you’re not already actively promoting online reviews, now is the time to start. Reach out to past clients and ask them to leave a review on your Google Business listing or website. And be sure to respond promptly to any negative reviews you receive. By taking advantage of online reviews, you can help turn your real estate business into a thriving success. 

4. Online reviews can help you build a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable

In the real estate industry, reputation is everything. If you’re known for being trustworthy and reliable, you’ll have no shortage of clients. But how can you build a good reputation? One way is to encourage your clients to leave online reviews. Online reviews are a great way for potential clients to get to know you and your business. They can see what others have said about your work, and that can help them decide if they should work with you. Of course, you can’t just ask your clients to leave reviews, you need to give them a reason to do so. That’s why it’s important to give excellent service throughout the real estate process. If you’re known for going above and beyond for your clients, they’ll be more likely to leave a positive review.

5. Online reviews can help you improve your business

Online reviews can be a valuable feedback tool for you. By taking the time to read and respond to real estate reviews, you can better understand what your clients want and need and make changes accordingly. In addition, online reviews can help you to show areas where you can improve your business. For example, if you consistently receive negative reviews for your customer service, you may want to consider hiring more staff or providing more training for your existing employees. By paying attention to online real estate reviews, you can make changes that will improve your business and better serve your clients.

How Simply Be Found Helps Realtors Get More Reviews

Getting your local realtor business found in local search is important to running a profitable business. Realtors tend to their marketing success, while those that do not, fail. Simply Be Found shows realtors how to be successful with our review generation feature that allows you to generate and get more reviews to be found by more consumers who are looking for your products and services. You can generate reviews, respond to reviews and showcase your reviews to all your platforms to improve your rankings online and get found locally at the top of local voice search. We also help you verify your business listing, show you how to use photos and videos, and how to generate more reviews to get found in business listings with our step-by-step plan in 5-10 minutes a day. We help realtors make sure that their website is listed on directories like Google My Business and Yelp. If your realtor business isn’t listed in these directories, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach potential customers. Simply Be Found helps realtors get more market share by helping you make sure your address and operating hours are correct across search engines so potential consumers can find you online. We help realtors claim and optimize their Google My Business listing which powers all local business results in Google Assistant. We help realtors make sure that their business information is updated and consistent, as it will impact your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simply Be Found’s membership also includes providing realtors with the ability to manage the business and holiday hours in advance, so your customers always know when to do business with you. Realtors also boost SEO by generating and responding to more reviews to get found by more consumers who are looking for your services. As a member of Simply Be Found realtors have a well-executed local SEO strategy, to ensure that your potential clients see your realtor business first on local search, directories, maps, and social media when they are searching for realtors in your local area. Simply Be Found helps realtors make sure that the public details about their company are correct on time and consistent across multiple search engines, voice services, maps, apps, and other discovery tools that people use to help them decide where to do business when using Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. By following Simply Be Found’s daily step-by-step plan, you are positioning your realtor’s marketing strategy as a powerful tool to connect with their clients, stay top of mind, and generate leads. It’s important to have an online strategy in place so you get found in local search and win more business 

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