20 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

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_20 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

It is no secret that the internet has taken over. With this in mind, you must learn how to improve your online presence that actually works!

What is the number one way to increase your online presence? The answer is obvious: creating a business website. It will allow you to grow your customer base and generate more sales. 

If customers cannot find your local business in local, cellphone, and voice searches, it means you are behind your competitors and is losing more sales than making money.    

Local business owners are not sitting idle. They are taking their social media presence to the next level and reaching out to more people in order to be found online.

This is necessary because now that search engines have shifted from desktop use to mobile devices, local businesses must change their marketing strategies accordingly or be left behind.

With that in mind, Simply Be Found presents 20 easy steps on how to improve your online presence in 2022.

The Best Easy Steps on How to Improve Your Online Presence for 2022

1. Setting up a Digital Business Profile

The first step on how to improve your online presence is by setting up your digital business profile on popular networks and social pages. Since there are many online searches, you should be leveraging from it as a local business owner.

To fully maximize your digital business profile’s features and benefits and get a competitive edge to be found in mobile devices, web searches, and voice searches, connect all your digital business profile into your Simply Be Found account.

All your business data will auto-populate, making it easier to have a bird’s eye view of all your business activities, product inventory, customer reviews, and business reports and analysis. 

2. Business Categories

The next step is by restructuring and classifying your business Categories based on your business’s nature.    

For best results, only choose few categories that best describe and represent your business for both people and search engines. 

Also, make sure it is updated and accurate to appear in relevant search results, whether in local, cellular, and voice search.   

3. Photos

Photos are effective ways to attract more website clicks and drive customer traffic for your local business.

You can take a photo of your products, place of business, your team, etc., and tie it together with your posts or simply attach it to your business listing for your customers to see.   

Images set the expectations of your new and existing business on your products and services. Adding relevant photos to your place of business also adds trustworthiness and makes your local business legitimate in the eyes of your local market.   

4. Bing Places for Business

Besides Google, you can also broaden your business visibility score by claiming your business listing in Bing Places for Business.    

Bing is the 2nd most used search engine with a 2.71% share across the search engine market.

However, there is a vast gap; you should still be considering Bing portals in maximizing your visibility for your local market by getting your business listing found in Bing Portal.  

5. Online Directories and Listing Agencies

If you want your local business to succeed, have a tie-up with popular online directories and listing agencies in getting the advertising you wish for your local business.    

But as a local business owner, how can I do that?    

It is simple. Reach out to your Simply Be Found team, supply us with your business data, and we will turn it into advertising that gets your local business found in over 70 listing agencies and online directories 

6. Review Sites

One way to win your local market is by showing them how well you handle your customer’s review, both positive and negative.    

Reviews also show the legitimacy, trustworthiness, and responsiveness of a local business.   

Now, you can view, manage, and respond to all multiple review sites right within Simply Be Found and never worry about having an unanswered review from a customer again.   

7. Generate More Positive Reviews

The simplest way to generate more positive reviews is by simply asking your satisfied consumers.

Customers satisfied with the products and services received from a local business tend to reciprocate the goodwill by leaving a positive review.      

Now, asking for a review is easier through Simply Be Found automatically generated short URL review link efficiently located right at your Business information tab for easy access and sending.   

8. Specific Keywords and Interest

When a prospect searches for specific keywords and interests, and the location and relevance match your local business, you have higher chances of landing in the top three slots, also known as the three-pack.    

Remember that proximity, relevance, and prominence are the top components in determining your local ranking score.   

Now, you can be confident that once you update your Business Name, Address, and Phone number, it will tie up in all your business listings just by using the Simply Be Found platform.  

Start having your local business appear on the front page and gather more website clicks from your local market.    

9. Build a Facebook Business Page

Facebook goes beyond the typical networking community and is now one of the best places for a local business to be discovered.    

There are over 1.7 billion users, and creating your local Facebook business page is one way of taking advantage of this opportunity to get your business found.    

Ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is set up correctly and updated, together with your business description, business hours, and website.    

No worries, as a Simply Be Found member, you can do bulk updates on all your business listings without the hassle of going through each of them one by one.  

10. Other Social Listings

Aside from Facebook, you can also claim your business listings on popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter to help drive your local business’ brand awareness.  

A recent study shows that a local business with a social media account is trusted and seen as a legitimate local business by customers compared to others that do not have a social media business account.  

11. Consistent and Updated NAP

Your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number are some of the critical factors in your local business; through it, your new and existing customers can contact you effectively and conveniently.

For best results, make sure you have consistent NAP on all your business listings across multiple sites.

Now, you can update and access your NAP in all your business listings seamlessly right within Simply Be Found and never get a chance to lose any potential customers for your local business again.

12. Mobile-Responsiveness

The Mobile-first approach simply works by allowing your local business to have a mobile version (adapting to a smaller screen) for your local market to access and navigate easily, even when using cellphones.

Our platform is mobile-ready for your local business.  

One of the benefits of being a Simply Be Found member is you do not need to own a website to get a mobile-friendly digital business profile. (But if you do, we can help you increase the effectiveness of online advertising more.) 

Simply sign up, become a member, set up your local business into a success, and get ready to take your small local business to the next level.

13. Data Markup for Local SEO

Structured data provides additional information for the search engine page contents. It is usually seen on the front-end and affects the local search based on the customer’s query.

If you want to enhance your local ranking, you must adapt to these hidden treasures in creating your page content.

If you already have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team, you can further increase the guarantee of a higher local ranking together with Simply Be Found.

Our system complements your current SEO team by focusing on getting you found in voice and local search.

14. Website Click-throughs

One way of gathering more website click-throughs is by having a practical and relevant meta-title and description on all your postings.

Avoid fluff and be straightforward as much as possible. Remember, we want these website click-throughs to turn into buying customers. When making a meta-title, focus on its description, relevance, and local market needs.

15. Localized Content

Creating localized content helps build a strong community and customer engagement and helps promote brand awareness within your neighborhood, encouraging more shoppers to shop locally.

Start scheduling your local content updates, whether it is an announcement, running promotions, business events within your area, and many more.

Now, advertising made easier through Simply Be Found’s advertising tools which helps your local business reach out to more customers.

16. Location and Keyword Optimization

The secret behind effective optimization is having the right tool, knowledge, and integration of keywords and location to get the best possible recommendation for your local business.

To fully maximize the local SEO of your location, link it together with your Meta title and, if possible, with your business description and location as well.

17. High-Quality Inbound Links

Inbound links are loops connected to other sites, commonly known as backlinks. When a customer clicks on your inbound links, they will then be re-directed to your site.

You can have a solid inbound link for your local business by simply signing up and becoming one of Simply Be Found members.

Our system takes all that information and builds it into business data recognized as advertising, which gives you visibility to more customers within your local market.

18. Link Diversity

It is a strategy in which inbound links are obtained from different pages such as online directories, articles, etc… What it does is keep your local business backlink patterns within the normal range to avoid being tagged as spam.

Inbound links are a good indicator that your local business produces high-quality content suitable for your local market.

19. Inbound Links from Relevant Sites

Have your inbound links connected with your local community, such as local news, local blogpost, community events.

It is a good indicator that your local business supports and is trusted by your neighborhood, attracting more local shoppers to shop in your local business.

20. Inbound Links from High Authority Site

A good indicator of how well your local business performs within the local ranking is by linking it with local and relevant sites within your area.

But the real game-changer here is getting your inbound link attached to high authority sites leveraging both your city and neighborhood while fully maximizing the meta-title, description, and location.

Win the Local Market

To have a higher chance of landing in the three-pack based on the user’s query, we must consider all these factors.

But not all local business owner has time and money to do all these.

We understand how precious your time and money are, which is why Simply Be Found developed a simple formula to make your life easier while helping your local business succeed and win the local market.

3 Simple Steps To Win Your Local Market:

1. Set up and Optimize Your Digital Business Profile

right within the Simply Be Found. We will provide you with expert advice and instructions on how to get the best results.

2. No Monthly-Locked In

No contracts. You can cancel anytime. But if you like it… you can keep your membership, and we’ll automatically charge a monthly subscription bill for you.

3. You Are In-Charge

We are just here to guide you in helping your business succeed. From your business data to execution, you have complete control over everything.

To learn more about how we help you get your local business easily found by actual buyers, visit Simply Be Found. 

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