Voice Search 101: Why is it Important for Small Business?

Why Voice Search is the Future of Small Business

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2023, 07:02 am

With the increase in popularity of voice search, small businesses can reap many benefits by utilizing this form of marketing.  

Small businesses are often considered to be the backbone of our economy. They create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and keep money in the local community. There is a new challenge for small business owners: how do you get your local business found online? the answer is simple- Voice Search! 

What is Voice Search?  

Voice search is becoming a more popular way to find information on the internet. The same can be said for people looking for local businesses in their area. The future of search engines will be voice-driven. That means that when people want to find your website or store on Google, they will just ask their mobile devices with “Siri, where is Joe’s Pizza?” instead of typing it manually.   

Voice search gained popularity because of a very good reason: Voice search makes our lives easier, allowing us to find what we need without having to type a word or click on anything. For example, if you are looking for a “coffee shop,” simply say “show me coffee shops” on your phone, and Google Maps will give you an instant list of coffee shops near you!

“Near Me Searches”

Near me searches are location-based search queries often made by someone ready and able to make a purchase. In the marketing and advertising world, we call these people hot leads. Hot leads are qualified leads or potential customers highly interested in your product and are ready to make direct contact. These people ask for the driving direction, phone number, and other means to contact you directly.   

Local search engines use the searcher’s location when matching it with a local business to make sure they deliver results nearest to them for convenience. This also means it is critical to make your business localized to make sure your business will appear on searches even a mile away from you.   

How Voice Search Can Help Your Small Business

Small businesses are struggling to grow their businesses over time. One of the primary reasons is that they could not get found online and have a limited budget for marketing. The answer to this problem could be voice search, which has been around since 2011 but only recently started to gain traction.

Voice search works by users speaking into a device (such as Siri and Amazon Alexa) in order to find information or shop online- instead of typing it in manually on a website. With that in mind, it is no secret that voice search is the future of technology. It quickly takes over our smartphones, tablets, and laptops as we search for information on how to cook dinner or learn about an upcoming movie release.

Simply Be Found knows how this innovative technology helps small businesses grow and increase their sales over time. They have provided an All-In-One advertising tool that allows small business owners to get businesses found online, making it easier for customers to see them in the online search – including 

Why Voice Search Matters    

More than 3.5 billion people in the world use voice search on a daily basis, with 2 billion of them coming from mobile devices. This is a staggering number and one that every business needs to be aware of for the future. It is not just consumers either; voice searches are used by many professionals as well, especially in professions like medicine where looking up information can mean life or death for patients.

If you are looking to get your small business found on voice search, Simply Be Found can help. Simply Be Found works by turning your business information into advertising that gets your business found on mobile, web, and voice searches.  

How Simply Be Found Helps Your Business Succeed  

Simply Be Found offers simple and affordable solutions to get your business found on cellphone, web, and voice searches. All you have to do is sign-up to become a member, and we will provide you with complete and exclusive access to our all-in-one advertising tools:   

Get An Additional 50+ Business Views!  

On average, our members reported says that they get an additional 50+ by using Simply Be Found and following our self-guided plan on how you can optimize your local business success. The more views your product gets, the more customers you attract.   

Local Health Optimization   

Did you know that you can optimize your local business without having to spend thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns? Simply Be Found allows you to set up and optimize your business’s advertising that guarantees to get found by more customers in your local area.   

An Interactive Local SEO Playbook as Your Guide   

We know that not everyone knows how the local SEO works or what Google algorithms mean. That is why we have compiled and gathered best practices and helpful learning materials to help you succeed. Our health report and local SEO playbook enable you to fix and optimize your local business and get the most out of your local SEO strategy.

We make everything simple and straightforward for business owners and managers, just like you. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer, visit Simply Be Found.  No hassles, no expensive software, or no fluffs just outstanding results.  

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