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Last Updated on: 3rd November 2023, 07:06 am

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to attract new customers and stand out in a crowded market? Consider voice search, an emerging trend to leverage.

Voice search is becoming more popular as people use voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to search for local businesses and services. 

How Voice Search Can Benefit Your Small Business 

Here are some reasons why you might want to optimize your website and online presence for voice search: 

  • Voice search is convenient for customers 

One of the main reasons why people use voice search is convenience. Instead of typing out a search query on their phone or computer, they can simply speak it out loud to their voice assistant. This is especially useful for people who are on the go or multitasking. 

By optimizing your website for voice search, you can make it easier for potential customers to find your business and get the information they need without having to navigate a complicated website or search for keywords. 

  • Voice search can help you stand out from competitors 

If you’re in a competitive market like small, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. By optimizing your website and online presence for voice search, you can potentially rank higher in search results and get more visibility. 

For example, if someone asks their voice assistant for a local plumber and your business comes up as the top result, you’re more likely to get their business than a competitor who doesn’t show up in voice search results. 

The Power of Voice Search: How Optimizing It Can Benefit Your Small Business  

Let’s say you own a small business that operates in a competitive market. You’ve been struggling to attract new customers and are losing business to competitors who rank higher in search results. 

One potential pain point for your business is not getting enough visibility online. Even if you have a website and social media presence, it’s not enough if potential customers can’t find you when they search for handyman services in their area. 

By optimizing your website and online presence for voice search, you could potentially solve this pain point. Here’s how: 

  • Use natural language: Instead of using technical jargon on your website, try using more conversational language that reflects how people talk. This will make it easier for voice assistants to understand and match your content to voice search queries. 
  • Include local keywords: Make sure your website includes local keywords that reflect the areas you serve. For example, if you operate in Dallas, include phrases like “roofing services in Dallas” or “local roofer near me”. 

Voice Search Optimization with Simply Be Found 

As more and more people use voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to search for local businesses, it’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to optimize their online presence for voice search.   

Here’s how Simply Be Found can help your small business be more visible on voice search: 

  • Ensure your business information is accurate and updated 

When people use voice assistants to search for local businesses, they’re often looking for quick and accurate information, such as a business’s phone number, hours, or address. If your business information is outdated or incorrect, it can hurt your chances of showing up in voice search results. 

Using Simply Be Found, businesses can ensure that their business information is updated and accurate across multiple online directories and platforms, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This is critical for local SEO and voice search optimization. 

  • Monitor and improve your online reputation 

Positive reviews and ratings can help your business stand out in voice search results and attract more customers. Simply Be Found offers features like review monitoring which can help you track and improve your online reputation. 

By using Simply Be Found to manage your online presence, you can improve your chances of showing up in voice search results, attract more customers, and ultimately grow your business. 


Optimizing voice search is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. By using tools like Simply Be Found, businesses can ensure that their business information is accurate and updated, which is critical for local SEO and voice search optimization. Simply Be Found also offers features like review monitoring which can help businesses improve their online reputation and stand out in voice search results. 

Video Transcript

A new really big thing that’s happening is what business owners are getting all these phone calls saying, “Hey, you’re not activated on voice search.”

Let’s talk about being activated on voice search.

What is voice search?

Voice search is Alexa, so Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, you have Bixby which is part of Google, you have Google assistant, and there’s a few others that are out there. So, there’s not really anywhere you can just activate voice search, so when these companies are calling you up and they’re saying, “Hey, we want to activate you.” They’re going to charge you more between 100 and 500 dollars, some setup fees, and some of them say, “Hey, it’s a one-time fee.” Well, they take your information, and they submit it out, ‘one time.’

Now, some will say that they’re going to do it multiple times and all they want you to do is just call them up, and update that information. When’s the last time you remember talking to somebody three months ago, and your hours just changed today, and you know exactly right where their phone number is and you’re gonna remember to make that phone call?

I’m not going to remember to do that as a business owner.

I’m not going to remember to make that phone call.

I’m not going to remember to call them, have that information up to date.  

So, what Simply Be Found does is we make sure that you’re updated not just on voice search but updated on the whole local SEO place: so, Bing, being places Google Maps, Apple maps. The Whole Nine Yards we take your business data and we constantly send it out. We update your business information even if you don’t log into the system every day. We make sure it’s up to date. We check it—we’re doing a security check making sure nothing looks out of the norm.

We have all those algorithms in place as a company. So, when someone calls you up and says, “Hey, I want to activate you. It’s a one-time fee.” Ignore those calls. Those are not the calls you want to be getting. Those are not the calls that are going to get the most results for your business because it’s not just one place.

Everybody wants to focus on one place. There’s a lot of companies that just focus on Google and there’s so much more beyond Google to be able to get your business found.

You want to be found everywhere possible.

So, when someone picks up their phone, does a search from their smart speaker, or if they go to their computer or open up a browser on their phone, and they type something in—you want to pop up. You want to be the number one to number three spot inside of that search. And you want to be able to have yourself as high on that list as you possibly can, to be able to get that person to make a phone call to you, to go to your website, to fill out a form, and to take action on your business that’s going to bring you money.

We don’t do fancy reports here or anything for that reason. It’s one of those things to where I could say you’re getting thousands of clicks every day, you don’t care. We know that you don’t care. We know that you don’t care about the fancier reports as a business owner. Most of us don’t care. Yes, they have value, and they can help marketers and be able to dive into those results, but you as a business owner all you care about is that there’s more traffic coming into your business, you’re being found by more people, and that you are seeing money come into the door. Your bank account is where you’re going to see your results. And if you’re being found by more customers chances are you’re going to see those results.

So, check us out at

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Robert Downey: Revolutionizing Local Marketing and Voice Search Optimization Robert Downey is a distinguished figure in the dynamic world of local marketing and digital innovation. As the co-founder of, he has proven to be a master in local marketing strategy and a pioneer in voice search optimization. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Robert has dedicated himself to enhancing the visibility of small businesses and fostering stronger connections between these enterprises and their local communities. Robert's journey in the marketing realm began in 1995, and since then, he has led over 1,000 marketing campaigns, contributing significantly to developing more than 5,000 websites. His expertise spans various industries, equipping him with a nuanced understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities. This extensive experience broadens his skill set and cements his position as a thought leader in local business marketing. One of the keys to Robert's success is his ability to deliver impactful results using local SEO strategies. He excels in this area, demonstrating that businesses can use small advertising budgets to be successful. Instead, they need the right strategies to reach consumers actively seeking their services. His approach needs to include the importance of bridging the gap between local businesses and potential customers, which has often hindered the growth and visibility of many small businesses. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Robert's veins. This heritage has ingrained in him a profound understanding of business growth and evolution, especially crucial in the fast-paced startup environment. At, he applies this strategic vision to simplify the local business discovery process, leading to significant growth of the platform, an expanded user base, and increased revenue streams. Beyond Simply Be Found, Robert's achievements include launching over ten successful online businesses and startups, a testament to his versatility and expertise in the digital business landscape. He brings a unique blend of programming skills, marketing acumen, and business development experience, offering a fresh and invaluable perspective to today's digitally-centered business challenges. In essence, Robert Downey is more than just a local marketing expert. He is a catalyst for growth, a digital marketing innovator, and a mentor to businesses striving for success. His extensive experience, profound industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication to the success of small businesses make him an indispensable ally for any business aiming to enhance its local presence and achieve sustainable growth.

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