2022 Retail Marketing Guide

2022 Retail Marketing Guide

People are shopping across Google and Bing more than a billion times a day. In recent years, we’ve seen a change in the way people buy, with customers combining online and in-person shopping experiences to satisfy their changing demands. Connecting with current and potential consumers is crucial for deciding when and where to appear.  Every […]

Master Customer’s Buying Habits – 5 Secrets of Influence

Secrets That Influence Customer's Buying Habits

Do you want to tap into your customer’s buying habits so you can effortlessly be on the top of their mind when they search online? Use these 5 secrets that influence your customer’s buying habits. Without customers buying your product, going to your local restaurant, or setting up appointments for your services? Your local business […]

Local Business Guide How to Compete Against Big Chains in 6 Powerful Ways

If you don’t believe you can compete with the big boys of your industry. And the sound of how to compete against big chains sounds delusional? Well, strap yourself in because you’re going to turn the tables in your favor…      First, stop scratching your head, wondering how to stay competitive. We know that the odds […]

How to Optimize Your Business Profile Effectively in 7 Steps

How to Optimize Your Business Profile Effectively

As a business owner, it is important to be found on the internet. Simply Be Found offers tools and services that will help your business get discovered online.    With the rise of Local SEO, it is crucial to know how to optimize your business profile. There are a lot of factors that come into play […]

5 Useful Local Marketing Campaign Strategies

5 Useful Local Marketing Campaign Strategies

In today’s competitive business world, it is important to develop a successful local marketing campaign. A local marketing campaign is a targeted advertising strategy to reach customers within a defined geographic area.   A successful local marketing campaign should have five key elements in order to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. It is also […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Using Simply Be Found

Improve your business using Simply be found in 5 ways

Do you have a business that is not being found on a local search? Allow Simply Be Found to help you improve your business over time using our All-In-One Advertising tool.    Growing your business can be difficult in this day and age. Especially when you are trying to find new customers, who are local to […]

16 Fascinating Tips to Use Facebook Marketing

16 Fascinating Tips on How to Use Facebook Marketing

Your complete guide to use Facebook marketing to promote your business with 16 expert advice tips on how to get it done quickly and professionally.      In today’s society, it is hard to survive without a Facebook marketing strategy. We are regularly bombarded with offers and ads on the social media site, but if […]

4 Hidden Reasons Why Yelp Reviews Matter

4 Hidden Reasons Why Yelp Reviews Matter

Understand the reasons behind why yelp reviews matter for your business and as a local business owner, how can you view, manage and respond to all your customer reviews effectively. Do you know why Yelp reviews matter for your local business? Whether it’s a restaurant, store, or anything else, customers can rate and review your […]

20 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

_20 Proven Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

It is no secret that the internet has taken over. With this in mind, you must learn how to improve your online presence that actually works! What is the number one way to increase your online presence? The answer is obvious: creating a business website. It will allow you to grow your customer base and generate […]

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service Online in 2021!

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service Online This 2021

If customers cannot find your business, your marketing efforts can go down the drain. Learn 5 simple tips on how to deliver excellent customer service online! Do you have a business that has been in operation for many years? If so, it’s essential to realize that customer service is more difficult than ever before. In […]

5 Proven Online Reputation Management Strategies

5 Proven Online Reputation Management Strategies

Discover Easy Small Business Owner’s Guide to Effectively Control and Monitor Your Local Business Online Reputation Management with Five Proven Strategies to Help You Get Started.    A local business’s online reputation management is the single most important factor that can impact its bottom line. The difference between a local business with a positive reputation […]

The Best 18 Website Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Website Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Effective Website Marketing Strategy for Your Small Local Business A successful website marketing strategy is key to any business. The digital marketing world is one of the fastest-growing industries you can use to expand your market, promote your products and services, and attract new customers. Thanks to […]

3 Top Benefits of Voice Search for Local Business

3 Incredible Benefits of Voice Optimization for Businesses

Voice optimization is expanding rapidly, and as a local business owner, you should take advantage of this opportunity in optimizing your local business. Learn 3 Incredible Benefits of voice optimization for your business. Voice search goes beyond the typical at-home tech-dependent devices; now, you can easily access it right on your mobile devices. Gone are […]

Business Marketing in the 90s, How Effective Was it?

Business Marketing in the 90s, How Effective Was it?

Business Marketing in the 90s Was Primarily Done Through Direct Mailings, Mailed Coupons, and Door Hangers. In the first three months of starting my business back then, I had 40 customers and was so excited. However, I recognized the need and desire to keep growing my business. I reached out to some old friends who […]

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