How Contractors Can Be Found By More Local Customers

This video done by Robert Downey one of our co-founders will cover how contractors can get found by more local customers by using the Simply Be Found Advertising Platform. Automatic Transcription Of The VideoAre you a contractor looking for more business? Are you a contractor that is lucky to be found on voice search? So […]

How to Update Your Business Hours Instantly in 5 Mins

How to Update Your Business Hours in Less than 5 Mins

The ability to update your business hours in Simply Be Found can be a lifesaver for any small business owner Your business hours are an essential part of any successful local marketing strategy because they provide potential customers with a good idea of when you are open and available for them to contact you or […]

How to Add Business Categories Correctly in Simply Be Found

How to Add Business Categories in Simply Be Found

The process of adding your business categories to improve your business profile through the Simply Be Found platform is super easy and efficient. It saves you plenty of time to do the things you do best for your business.    Most small business owners struggle to find the time or know-how to improve their Business Profile. They […]

5 Useful Local Marketing Campaign Strategies

5 Useful Local Marketing Campaign Strategies

In today’s competitive business world, it is important to develop a successful local marketing campaign. A local marketing campaign is a targeted advertising strategy to reach customers within a defined geographic area.   A successful local marketing campaign should have five key elements in order to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. It is also […]

4 Steps to How to Use Simply Be Found Reputation Management

How to Use Simply Be Found Review Management

With Simply Be Found Reputation Management, you can quickly generate, review, manage, and respond to all your Google Reviews. All in one place.    A customer review can make or break a business. But managing reviews across multiple platforms is time-consuming and costly.    It is not just about posting good reviews but also responding to bad ones […]

Small Businesses Struggle to Keep Up with Covid-19

Small Businesses Struggle to Keep Up with Covid-19

While curbside pickup has been a practice by many big corporations, more and more small businesses struggle to keep up with covid-19 new protocols.  The impact of COVID-19 continues to provide nightmares for small businesses, even with ease in safety protocols and stay-at-home orders. A lot of small to medium businesses (SMBs) still rely heavily […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Using Simply Be Found

Improve your business using Simply be found in 5 ways

Do you have a business that is not being found on a local search? Allow Simply Be Found to help you improve your business over time using our All-In-One Advertising tool.    Growing your business can be difficult in this day and age. Especially when you are trying to find new customers, who are local to […]

5 Fast and Smart Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

5 Fast & Smart Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

In order to improve your chances of being found online, it is important to know how local SEO works and what steps you need to take as an individual or business owner to improve your local SEO strategy and optimize your website for success. The internet is a powerful tool for businesses to reach new […]

16 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Website Marketing


A comprehensive guide to help you in using the internet as an online marketing tool. Learn how to improve your website marketing effectively in 16 easy steps!  The Internet is an invaluable tool for any small local business. Online marketing– such as website marketing, can help you get your name out there and connect with […]

3 Effective Ways to Get More Leads

3 Effective Ways to Get More Leads using Simply Be Found

Let’s talk about leads. As a new business owner, you might be wondering about different effective ways on how to get more leads for your business. How Can I benefit from Leads? Leads are individuals or businesses that are potential buyers. A sales lead is identified via marketing and advertising, referrals, social media, networking, consultations, […]

5 Proven Steps to Get Your Business Found on Voice Search

5 Proven Steps to Get Your Business Found on Voice Search

It is imperative that your business makes the transition to voice search because it is changing the way people find businesses. This article will give you 5 Proven steps on how to get your business found on voice search. Online search is evolving greatly because of voice search. Voice search results often vary from normal […]

10 Helpful Tips for Posting Facebook Ads for Your Business

10 Helpful Tips for Posting Facebook Ads for Your Business

Marketing Guides With billions of active users, Facebook is a great platform to advertise your business and offers. This user base of Facebook is segmented to target, so creating an effective ad is quite simple. Note: You should have an existing business page to start posting Facebook ads for your business. If you don’t already […]

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