Small Business Owners Eye-Opening Rant

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An Eye-Opening Rant from Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. We have to make decisions every day, and these decisions can often lead to money or time being lost.

The small business owner rant. Why is it that we as small business owners do not get the respect we deserve? I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. Collectively we have over 3.5 million businesses, but when it comes to insurance, pollical influence, internet assistance we get passed over by the large players trying to win business from other large players with their large budgets.

Here is what happened that damaged the business. All the new customers had entered the tracking phone number into their records and when they tried to contact me, they received the number no longer in-service recording. Customers assumed that we had closed our doors and they went to our competition. I discovered this when I reached out to the customer doing follow up with them because they were not placing orders any longer. I did my sales magic and recovered some of the lost sales.

This happened in 2005. I became a member of Simply Be Found and in the process of correcting my NAP name, address, the phone number I found the old tracking phone number information was still being used.

Corrections were made on the platform and Simply Be Found is displaying the sites with the corrected information.

Bottom line phone tracking is a bad choice as an add-on, especially if you leave the service provider. They keep the number and all to data associated with it.

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