Simply Be Found vs The Competition

Last Updated on: 10th April 2023, 11:22 am

When it comes to managing your online presence and improving local search rankings, it’s important to choose the right platform that meets your business needs. In this comparison, we’ll take a look at,,,,, and to help you make an informed decision. We will especially focus on Simply Be Found, showcasing its unique features and benefits.

  1. Simply Be Found is an innovative, user-friendly platform that simplifies local search optimization for small businesses. It focuses on enhancing your online presence and helping your business get discovered in local search results.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The intuitive dashboard makes it simple for business owners to navigate and manage their online presence.
  • Voice search optimization: Simply Be Found ensures your business is optimized for voice search, enabling you to reach customers using voice-activated devices.
  • Affordable pricing: With competitive pricing options, Simply Be Found is an excellent choice for small businesses looking to improve their online visibility without breaking the bank.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Graph: The platform allows you to manage your business’s Knowledge Graph, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information appears across the web.
  1. Yext is a well-known local SEO platform that focuses on data management and listings optimization. It offers businesses a suite of tools to manage their online presence.
  • Powerful data management: Yext allows businesses to manage their information across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Listings optimization: Yext helps businesses optimize their listings on various search engines, maps, and directories.
  • Expensive pricing: Yext tends to be more expensive compared to other platforms, which may not be ideal for small businesses.
  1. Synup is a local marketing platform that offers tools to manage your online presence, track your performance, and engage with customers.
  • Multi-location management: Synup is well-suited for businesses with multiple locations, providing an easy way to manage listings and online presence for each location.
  • Customer engagement: The platform enables businesses to engage with customers by responding to reviews and tracking feedback.
  • Limited voice search optimization: Synup doesn’t offer a specific focus on voice search optimization, unlike Simply Be Found.
  1. DBA Platform is a local marketing platform that offers a variety of features to help businesses manage their online presence.
  • Google My Business management: DBA Platform focuses on Google My Business optimization, helping businesses improve their visibility on Google search and maps.
  • Limited voice search optimization: Similar to Synup, DBA Platform doesn’t emphasize voice search optimization.
  1. Marketing360 is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a suite of tools for managing and improving a business’s online presence.
  • Comprehensive marketing tools: Marketing360 offers a wide range of tools, including email marketing, social media management, and CRM integration.
  • More complex: The extensive features can make Marketing360 more challenging to navigate, especially for small business owners with limited experience in online marketing.
  1. Birdye is a local marketing platform that offers tools for managing online presence, reputation, and customer engagement.
  • Customer engagement: Birdye allows businesses to respond to reviews, track feedback, and engage with customers.
  • Limited voice search optimization: Similar to Synup and DBA Platform, Birdye doesn’t specifically focus on voice search optimization.

Simply Be Found stands out as an affordable and user-friendly option that emphasizes voice search optimization, making it an ideal choice for small businesses looking to improve their local search rankings. While other platforms offer a range of features, Simply Be Found’s unique focus on voice search and its intuitive interface make

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