Shocking Truth About Small Business Owners

Shocking Truth About Business Owners 2021

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From startup to success: Learn what it is like to be one of the small business owners in the United States.

Beginning a startup as a small business owner in the United States can be both exciting and challenging. As with any startup, there are many advantages and disadvantages to being a small business owner in the United States that may not be as evident to other countries.  

Creating and establishing your own startup is like walking on a thin sheet of ice– It is nerve-wracking, uncertain, and very risky. But once you got the right tools and knowledge, you will start reaping its perks and benefits. This article will balance the pros and cons of owning a small business in the United States with real first-hand experiences shared by small local business owners.

5 Advantages of Owning a Small Business for 2022  

Being a small business owner has a lot of apparent benefits. Including the freedom to decide where to work or who to work with, increase potential income, more flexibility, and the best part; less stress from office politics. Below are some of its many advantages:

1. Complete Control

Small business owners are their own bosses– from idea to concept to implementation, from marketing to sales to customer support. Small business owners like to have complete control over their business information, data, and management. Most employees turned businesspeople created startups because they want to make something on their own that they are passionate about and give back to their local community.

For example, a sales agent left the corporate world because he was frustrated with the slow pace of his manager’s decision-making and political maneuvering. He then decided to create a startup to fill the gap that he felt was a need in the local community.      

2. Financial Stability

Creating a start-up gives you a greater chance of achieving financial gain than working with a 9-5 job on a fixed monthly salary. Many small business owners decide to build a small business to give their families a comfortable life and be financially independent.      

3. Opportunity to Contribute

Aside from aiming to have a profitable business, small business owners in the United States also like having a chance to make contributions to help their local community. It can be through special causes, sponsorships, or booths at local events.      

4. Independence

They are the decision-makers inside their small local businesses; they choose whom to do business with, hours to work, equipment to purchase, and the freedom to control their destiny. For example, a local roofer can purchase equipment even with limited knowledge on the entrepreneurial quest as with many of the other small business owners. It would be best to be armed with tons of energy, passion, and some knowledge to move forward.

It may not be profitable on the first try, but you will gain experience as you defined the business’s scope, along with gleaning any information from articles, trade shows, and classes. It can help you to become an expert in your business area. However, other startups may be more knowledgeable in the same discipline. You just got stay up on innovations that can benefit you in your specialized business needs.

5. Privilege

Being a small business owner also allows you to be the person in charge. It gives you the prestige and pride of being the boss of your own company. This is one of the significant purposes why many small business owners choose to build their own startups. Some are simply tired of following instructions and want to do something they are genuinely passionate about.

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4 Disadvantages of Owning a Small Business   

Just like a roller coaster ride, startups also have their ups and downs. Here are some of the risks you can encounter as you start your small business venture.   

1. Time Commitment

When you open a startup, it is more likely that you are the only one managing the whole operations, or you only have a handful of employees. You simply do not have the liberty of time to learn all necessary trends to stay at the top of the internet searches. What you call searches probably depends on your age and device usage understanding.

2. Inconsistency

New businesses starting may experience inconsistency with their business information causing them not to get found by customers, which equates to lesser income. By now, you probably know what to say about your business. Thus, it will be much helpful if you have complete control over your business information. Your employees can do entries but may steer customers into areas you as the owner do not want to head.

Outside sources can also mess up containing information about your business more than anybody. They do not know the internal culture of how you want your business to operate, handle customer issues and production processes. As new competitors entered the local market, you should ensure that you have around 95% listing accuracy to stay on top of your local competition.

3. Financial Setback

To get started, you must have a certain amount of capital. Most of the initial funding source came from savings, retirement funds, or investments for many small business owners in the United States.

Before you start committing to opening a small business, make sure you have extra funds for personal or family needs. In most cases, small business owners experiencing financial setbacks tend to get discouraged when the business fails on the first try and go back to the corporate world instead. 

4. Riskiness

When you open a business, risk will always be there. Even with a structured plan, we still cannot prevent risks. Ask yourself if you are ready to consider financial risk, product liability, employee disagreements, legal and regulatory, and community requirements before committing to opening a small business.     

These potential disadvantages are inevitable, so as a business owner, you must learn how to leverage them. As a result, you will likely look for a site where you can control your business information, monitor and correct customer problems as they occur, manage your production processes, and minimize the risk of owning a business.     

Set Your Business Apart From Local and Regional Competition   

Get more online visibility for your small business with Simply Be Found. We go beyond local listing management; Simply Be Found provides the tools to keep you on the trends and maintain higher rankings on searches. Which include the following:

  • Editing, correcting, and maintaining your business information made accessible for businesses of any size.   
  • Seamlessly add pictures and edit them straight from your cellphones without the need to download special programs.
  • Creating a post is a one-step process with the ability to attach an image from the photo section to optimize its information.    
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  • Optimizing your business page made easy with Simply Be Found easy-to-use tabs that allow you to do more without a lot of relearning.    

To learn more about how Simply Be Found can change the way you optimize your business page and attract more customers by getting more visibility online, visit Simply Be Found. 

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