Local Business Owners Brought Hi-Tech To Downtown Windsor, CO

A map of the location of Simply Be Found in downtown Windsor, Colorado

Last Updated on: 15th September 2022, 12:16 pm

Two Local Business Owners Have Brought Hi-Tech To Downtown Windsor, Colorado.

The DIY Marketing Platform created and designed specifically to help the Local Business connect with Local Customers.

Simply Be Found started as a way for two small business owners to give back and help local businesses get connected by voice and internet searches to the motivated buying customer in their target marketing area. This platform gives the business the ability to advertise and market directly online. 

What makes this platform unique is that it does not require the business to download or install any programs, has an almost zero learning curve for the online understanding of Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), can use without any special tech skills, and can be accomplished in about 1 hour a week. 

So, what makes it so easy? Dean Koehler a local business owner of 30 years said, “I always knew that I needed to advertise and market online, but I didn’t have the time to understand and follow a schedule recommended by Google My Business.”

“I always put it to the back of my priority list because running the business always came first!” he exclaimed.

Rob Downey, online marketing and advertising expert heard Dean and other business owners with the same issues and came up with a to-do task list. He developed this proprietary algorithm designed to see what each business was doing for their business profile, but also gathered information about the competition in the business owner’s industry or business type. 

Next, this algorithm needed a home, to help the business owner and so the Simply Be Found Platform was created. Rob said, “I personally knew the business owners that I was creating websites for and reasoned that they were like Dean. Over 50, understood computers, but not tech-savvy and never had or took the time to market on their websites.” 

“I was always on Dean, but always said yes to get me out of his hair on the subject and of course, he didn’t do what I suggested. Typical local business owner.” Rob added.

“Then one day I got him to use his phone and see how his business was being found. He discovered that his business did not have any presence. That was when the concept of the DIY Marketing Platform was created.” said Rob. 

Rob was still writing code with a development team and started the platform. Then they created the first version of the proprietary to-do task list. He presented it to Dean, and he was on board with the platform. However, Dean made a point saying, “Rob this is great, but you are a typical developer geek. I would never use it because it was too techy.” With that, the Simply Be Found journey began. 

Rob was the technology-driven part of the partnership, and Dean was the test pilot always trying to keep the features and tools as simple as possible and suggesting features before adding to the platform. 

Today Simply Be Found does not require you to install any software or app to use, it is a login platform that can be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection. The users are truly members since Dean and Rob do not have a board and are always asking for feedback on what local business members want and need. In fact, even though the official release is just happening, version 2.0 is going to be released with new functions from the feedback from our current members. 

Rob and Dean are so confident in helping your business. Give Simply Be Found a try and see the difference in your online and voice search presence and connect with the local customer looking for your product, service, or business type.  

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