Internet Marketing Acronyms

Internet Marketing Acronyms in 2021 (A Comprehensive Guide)

Last Updated on: 4th May 2022, 01:49 pm

Internet Marketing Acronyms in 2021 (A Comprehensive Guide)

What is NAP? (Name, Address, and Phone Number)

Basically, if all three of these three areas are not present and identical, customers will have a more difficult time finding your business or organization. Customers not finding you will provide you zero chance of closing. This results in $0.00 money to you. Ponder that. 0% of a job is always zero.

O% chance to win the trust of a new customer. 0% chance of making a sale. 0% profit opportunity.

I went into business to make a fair living for myself and my family. $0.00 is not a great livelihood.

Enough with the zeros. Now you need to take control of your NAP by fixing your listing on the major search engines that determine your business’ findability.

You can do this two ways:

First, you as the business owner can find and make all the changes. Hopefully, you have claimed your business listing on all of them. If you haven’t, you will need to get that done first, and that is another conversation. Next, you will need to start the process of verifying your business listing. Take care that they are all identical. Spaces, commas, periods, and abbreviations will cause search issues. I don’t know about you, but I am busy driving my business and don’t want or have the time to spend on 35 different sites.

Second, you can subscribe to a third party that will organize your information for you. They have created a program to automate this process. However, there will be a hard cost and, most of the time, a contract. Most of the sites I found to charge more than I am willing to invest in marketing, but the conundrum is that if the potential customer doesn’t find you, the chance of a sale is ZERO.

With that said, several groups do this, but you need to determine what your time is worth along with lost revenue. Only you know the value of your time and how your business needs to operate.

I basically found (no pun intended) a site called Simply Be Found. It fit my small business budget, and it does the same functions as the more expensive sites.

This site helped me do a FREE checkup on my NAP for thirty-five different search engines that are the bigger players in searches. I ran my check-up and had 87% error rates. This really set me back because I am a walking A-Type personality. What is discovered is that over the years, data was input to different sites from unknown sources. After joining the group, my error rate went to 3%, and my search ranking improved.

The site helped me to control information, including updating my business hours. This has changed a couple of times as COVID restrictions have been adjusted, but I made one change on my business data page. All the sites were updated right away. Some sites take longer than others, but they all got there. Five-minute change that would have taken hours if I did it manually.

Now the best news is the price. I joined and became a member for $79.00 per month or $948.00 per year. There is no contract, and if you have more than one site, you can manage them all from one sign-in location on your screen. Each site and login also, and there are no additional user fees. This helped make the best decision for my business. I spend more than that on stupid stuff that helps grow and manage my business in the internet world.

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