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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Using Simply Be Found

Improve your business using Simply be found in 5 ways

Last Updated on: 22nd April 2024, 02:50 pm

Do you have a business that is not being found on a local search? Allow Simply Be Found to help you improve your business over time using our All-In-One Advertising tool.   

Growing your business can be difficult in this day and age. Especially when you are trying to find new customers, who are local to the area, it can seem impossible. Small businesses are often hard to find on the internet, with all of the competition from large corporations.

Luckily for you, Simply Be Found is here to help. We offer various advertising tools that will get your business found by local customers and search engines alike. This article will explore five ways to improve your business using Simply Be Found and how to get your business consistently found on the cellphone, the web, and voice searches.

The Best Tips to Improve Your Business

1. Get Your Business Found on Voice Search   

Let us face it. Voice search is taking over and is here to stay for many more years. Voice search is an incredible asset for businesses of any size, to learn more about its benefits read 3 Benefits of Voice Search Optimization here.

More and more shoppers are now searching for a local business using voice search devices on their phones, such as Siri and Alexa. Voice search is not only easy to use but also provides relevant information. It is a popular choice among busy business owners and managers who do not have time to search or type in their questions.

Simply Be Found knows how important it is to get your business recommended by these voice search devices to drive customer traffic and increase conversion rates. Using the Simply Be Found platform, you can set up and optimize your local business’s success by getting more product views and connecting with actual buyers.

2. Question & Answers  

The Question-and-Answer section is as important as your review section. It works by answering the questions asked to your business, but there is a catch. Anyone can reply to that question, so a smart thing to do is monitor and respond to it quickly to avoid getting answered by someone else with wrong information.   

In case of unanswered questions, it can signal a bad impression to your customers because it shows that you are unaware or simply do not care about answering their questions. With Simply Be Found, you can now easily track all the questions and answers from your business profile to your Simply Be Found dashboard. 

You can filter out “All Questions,” “Customer,” and “Owner” questions and respond readily to unanswered ones.   

5 Ways to Improve Your Business using Simply Be Found

You can also create questions and answer them right away or schedule them on your desired date. After clicking the “save button,” It will reflect on your business profile in real-time. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Business using Simply Be Found

3. Posting Promos & Events  

Marketing and advertising are essential parts of your business. Everyone loves freebies, discounts, and promotions, especially from their favorite brands. But not everyone has time or resources to market and advertise their businesses. Simply Be Found was created with this idea in mind.

Just like you, our founders have too much on their plate and are just looking for a way to put everything together in one place seamlessly. Thus, Simply Be Found was born. Our All-In-One advertising tool makes it easier for you to schedule a post and share it across multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more.

Like posting updates, you can also share photos of your business and schedule them on your desired date and time for your customer viewing. And we do not just stop there. Simply Be Found also offer complete marketing support and assistance.

If you have any marketing and advertising questions or concern, you can contact us through support, and we will answer them as fast as we could. We always put the success of our members first.

4. Responding to Reviews  

As business owners, we know how vital generating positive reviews for our business. On average, a consumer read about ten online reviews before purchasing the product. With Simply Be Found, you can now quickly generate and respond to all your Google reviews in one place directly from Simply Be Found.

5. Advertise on Popular Networks   

And the most critical aspect of improving your business is consistency and accuracy with your business information. An optimized business profile helps build trust and credibility for your customers. In order to attract more customers, your business must be easily seen and appear on popular listing agencies and networks.

With Simply Be Found, we make it easy for you to correct, maintain, and update your business information to over 40 places that can be done in just one sitting. When you update your business information in our platform, we automatically sync it with no additional work from you. There is never a charge for the citations or any updates to their feeds

Still Looking for a Way to Grow Your Business? 

Do you feel like it is impossible to get found on the internet with all the big businesses out there? There is no need to worry. Simply Be Found is here to help! With our all-in-one advertising tool, we will make sure that your small local business is being found and getting the traffic it deserves.

To know more, visit Simply Be Found.   

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