How We Can Help You Dominate Local Search

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How We Can Help Small Businesses Dominate Local Search

A lot of small business owners ask what does Simply Be Found do? Watch this video where one of our co-founders explains how you can rank higher in local and voice searches to get your business found by more local customers. will help to make sure that each step is simple and easy for busy business owners like you.

What does Simply Be Found do?

Simply Be Found gets businesses found by using local SEO. And what does that mean?  

That means you’re going to be:  

Why does your business need to be found locally?

You will be found by your target audience. You have a target audience in this zip code or this town or miles away from your business. They’re going to matter most to most small businesses. If you are an auto repair shop, you really don’t care about the traffic that is over five states away. Simply Be Found allows you to build when we give you the power to be able to put ads out, to be able to promote your business. And what this does is it allows you to be able to run these ads, to be able to target those local customers. 

How Simply Be Found can help your business get found on voice search?

When they pick up a device like a Siri, or they say, “Hey, Alexa,” on their counter, “find me a restaurant near me, find me a lawyer near me, find a realtor near me, find a plumber near me,” find them, you know, the list goes on and on and on. The “find me” movement is huge when they get onto their phone and search for whatever they’re looking for. 

How Simply Be Found can help your business get found on Maps?

As they’re driving down the road and they’re on maps, and they’re looking for something, say they’re traveling to the area, and they happen to be in your spot. And they’re looking for your restaurant. Well, you’re going to come up.  

Simply Be Found’s mission for small businesses is simple...

You’re practicing local SEO, national SEO, or global SEO. Those are what a lot of people are kind of practicing. That’s a postal blog, but all these things around it, you know, use these tools, be able to do it. You need a blog, blog, blog because you know, content is king. Yeah, that helps you with content around your whole strategy. 

What we focus on is getting you found by local customers that want to come in and buy your products today. They are looking for you right now and want to find you. They are looking to make a purchase. They are looking to have an estimate, they are looking for whatever, but they are searching for you when they are in your area. That is what Simply Be Found does. We get you found by local customers. So, check us out at 

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