5 Helpful Tips on How to Get Listed on TripAdvisor Easily

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5 Helpful Tips on How to Get Listed on TripAdvisor EasilyListed on TripAdvisor

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TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel sites that enable users to discover and book hotels, resorts, flights and restaurants worldwide. Hosting over 600 million reviews and around 7.5 million accommodations, it has become one of the premier go-to sites for travel bookings.

To get listed on TripAdvisor, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Find your business

Go to TripAdvisor “Owners” page. Search for your business using your Location and Business Name.

Step 2: Claim Your Business (if listed already)

If your business is already listed on TripAdvisor, you can claim it by providing details like business mail ID, phone number, and name. You’ll also be required to validate the information either via Credit Card authentication or Facebook authentication. Once authentication is complete, TripAdvisor will take you to “Business Management Centre” a dashboard from which you can manage your business listing on TripAdvisor. Check step #4 to know more about management subscriptions.




Step 3: Add Information about your Business (if not yet listed)

If you can’t find your business on TripAdvisor, go to TripAdvisor Owner’s page to add your business. Add all required business information like contact number and geographical location. After submitting the form, TripAdvisor will take up to 5 days to cross-check all information and approve your business listing.


Step 4: Access Management Subscription Page

Once your business listing is confirmed, you’ll be able to access the management subscription page.



Step 5: Check Business Listing Rates

If you’re interested in getting more direct bookings from TripAdvisor, you can check out their business listing rates. You must register as an authorized representative of a business. This allows you to add direct contact details like mail address and phone number for your business on mobile sites as well.


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