How to Get Listed on Acxiom in 4 Effective Steps

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How to Get Listed on Acxiom

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Acxiom is a marketing technology and services company that offers online services including audience solutions, marketing, connectivity, and core capabilities.

The Best Guide on How To Get Listed on Acxiom for 2022

To get your business listed on Acxiom, follow the steps below.

1. Find Your Business

Go to Acxiom Business Listing Manager and search for your business using your “Business Name” or “Phone No.” and State.


2. Claim Your Listing

You’ll be directed to a page with results matching your business name. If your business appears, select “Claim this listing.


3. Confirm Your Business Listing Claims

You’ll be asked to create an account, review the listing information and click on “Claim Listing.” Then a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Before you can edit your listing, you must verify your business. You can either call 866.750.5438 and leave a message with your business name, personal name, Acxiom username, and phone number. You must state your business name exactly as it appears on the listing. If there’s an “LLC” or “Inc.” after your business name, you must include it in your message.


You can send an email to with your listing information and attach a document showing any proof of business ownership (e.g. a utility bill or phone bill).


4. Edit Your Business Listing

Once verified, you’ll receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID. Login to Acxiom Business Listing Manager and click “Edit Listing” to make changes. Then click “Save.”


  • Business Name and Contact Number cannot be changed from here, please email Acxiom/Infogroup directly for the same.
  • It takes up to 30-60 days to reflects any changes.
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