How to Generate Leads Quickly for Your Local Business

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How to Generate New Leads Quickly with 4 Tools

The life and blood of every local business are leads or potential customers. It is not just about finding more customers—it is about finding the right ones. These 4 methods below will help you learn how to generate leads to grow your local business faster. 

Leads are qualified customers that expressed interest in your product or service, whether by searching on Google or clicking an ad campaign.  

The days of cold calling and faxing are long gone. Because the best way to generate leads is by tapping into customer intent with a lead generation strategy that incorporates tools like Local Search and Google AdWords. This article will discuss the methods you can use on How to Generate Leads Quickly for your local business. 

How to Generate Leads Quickly with 4 Tools
how do you turn those leads into paying customers?

How to Generate Leads Tip #1. Spoon Feeding 


If you are going to spend money on ads using Google search or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, make sure that you give them what they are really looking for. 

It is called Intent marketing. And it is robust in search marketing, whether paid or organic because the content is so often targeted at keywords, which (as long as they’re not super broad) reveal tons of intent. 


The difference between intent-based and traditional ads is that you have to set up the campaign first and let it run to determine how long it will be displayed in traditional ads. Intent marketing is powerful and effective in generating more leads faster because they aim to meet an end-user or prospect’s intent. After all, intent-based ad content is often based on targeted keywords.  


For example, bakers are often in need of flour, sugar, etc., but not all of them and not at all times. People would often search for things with an intent to buy, such as “Baking ingredients for sale near me.” or “Baking ingredients delivery” when they want it or need it at the moment. Giving your business more chances to convert them into paying customers. 


 How to Generate Leads Tip #2. Measure Analyze And Improve 


Lead measurement or lead metrics is a process of measuring and tracking results from your campaigns and other lead nurturing activities. You can generate more leads faster if you effectively measure your lead quantity and lead quality. 


Lead quantity means capturing enough leads to gather more target audience data. Lead quantity is essential, especially during the initial stages of the business when businesses have less brand awareness. 


Lead quality refers to the type of potential customers you attract based on your set parameters. These are the type of prospective customers with a clear intent to buy and have the finances to do so. 


So, to make things simpler, lead quality means nothing if the business does not get enough lead quantity. With this in mind, lead quantity and quality should work hand-in-hand to generate leads faster. By tracking and measuring every marketing activity, you can see what is working and which campaigns need improvement. 

Basic leads Metrics 

  • Response Rates – Response rates are an excellent way to measure how many people are interested in your product or service. However, it only tells you how many people responded, not whether they actually became customers. 


  • Qualified Lead Rates – This calculation measures how many potential customers are interested in your product or service after learning more about it. This number is important to track when you have a long sales cycle. It will help you determine whether or not your marketing efforts are practical. 


  • Order Rate – The order rate is the best metric because it tells how many people actually bought the product. However, depending on the business you are in, this data may or may not be helpful to you. 


  • Customer Acquisition Cost– This is a way of measuring how much it costs to get new customers. This includes the money you spend on marketing and the money you spend on follow-up sales efforts. 


How to Generate Leads Tip #3. Traditional Local Search 


For many local businesses, generating leads starts with Local Search on Google Maps or Bing. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, search for “gym near me” or “fitness classes near me.” These searches will show you what is nearby in your area, so you sift through, which gives the most convenience and quality based on their reviews and ratings. 

Local search marketing helps generate leads faster. It allows users to search based on their current location and match with local business listings based on their browsing activity and keywords/ keyphrases used. 



How to Generate Leads Tip #4. Ninja Method 


At some point, we have all been in the position of not knowing where to find new leads. The good news is that you do not have to rely on luck or chance anymore. You don’t even have to be marketing savvy or tech-savvy because, with the right tools and strategies, you can reach qualified prospects more quickly than ever before—and get them to buy from you more often too. 

Numerous advertising platforms will help you generate leads faster, the downside is you need to put in a lot of your time learning and going around the bush just to figure out their platform. 
But if you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective interface, consider Simply Be Found. We offer an all-in-one advertising platform with effective functions in drawing more leads, such as creating and scheduling posts, adding photos, utilizing questions and answers, monitoring and generating reviews, etc. 

These tools tap into different aspects of lead generation and should be used in conjunction with one another as they all work together to help you find qualified customers faster. If you want your business to set apart from the competition, get yourself found locally. Check out Simply Be Found advertising tool. 

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