How to Add Your Hotel Listing on Kayak in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Add Your Hotel Listing on Kayak in 3 Easy Steps

It’s always a good idea to know how to add your hotel listing on kayak– to get more visibility. Here are the three steps to help you do just that!

The Best Guide on How to Add Your Hotel Listing on Kayak

1. Open Hotel Listing Console

Visit Kayak Hotel Owners. Click on “Edit hotel”. You should be redirected to a login page.


2. Search for Your Hotel

Once you’re signed in, click on “Find Hotel Listing.”

There are two fields. Hotel City and Hotel Name. Enter your business information and click on search.

If you find your hotel, click on “Edit” in the Actions column of the search results.

But if there’s no listing found for your business yet, then create one for your hotel by clicking “Create New Listing.


3. Check and Finalize Business Information

You can now cross-check and modify your hotel’s business information on Kayak.

After cross-checking the Contact Information, Details, Photos and Amenities, you should be presented with a summary of your information in the last “Confirm step

If you’re satisfied with the information summary, click on “Finish” to submit the hotel listing.

Kayak takes your information, verifies it and then publishes your hotel listing. You’ll receive a notification too.


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