How to Add Business Categories Correctly in Simply Be Found

How to Add Business Categories in Simply Be Found

Last Updated on: 31st January 2023, 10:08 am

The process of adding your business categories to improve your business profile through the Simply Be Found platform is super easy and efficient. It saves you plenty of time to do the things you do best for your business.   

Most small business owners struggle to find the time or know-how to improve their Business Profile. They are not sure what content is needed for a successful web page, let alone how to create it. It is hard enough just trying to keep up with all of the changes in social media and Google search algorithms.   

If you have been looking for an easy way to manage your business profile and grow your online visibility, Simply Be Found can help!  

As a business owner, you may have noticed that your business does not show up in the top search results for keywords related to your industry. It is important to add business information about your company and its services so that people can find you more easily.   

Simply Be Found is a platform that helps small businesses add categories and improve their business profiles on Google Maps, Foursquare, Facebook, and many other places. The app has all of the tools needed for running a successful company online with one easy-to-use interface.

Do you want to know how to make your business profile more effective?

The Best Ways to Improve Your Business Profile Using Simply Be Found. 

Step 1: Log in to Your Simply Be Found Account  

Simply log in as a Simply Be Found member, and you will be redirected to your account dashboard. 

How to Add Business Categories Correctly in 2021

2. Go to Business Information  

Simply Be Found allows you to conveniently list all of your business information on one page for everyone to see.

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

3. Upload Your Business Logo   

Click the “Upload Logo” button, then upload your desired business logo.   

Size: Between 10KB to 5MB.   

Resolution: Minimum of 250 x 250 pixels   

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

4. Fill in Business Information  

It is essential to fill in your business information completely, correctly, and consistently; especially your NAP (Business Name, Address, and Phone Number)   

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

Include relevant business information such as your website and Business Description.   

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

Business Description can be fill up to 750 characters with the closest description of what your business does and the products and services being offered to optimize and improve your business profile.   

5. Go to Business Fields   

In this field, you can add your primary business category, additional categories, and other business attributes. 

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

6. Choose Your Primary Business Category   

Click the dropdown menu button to select your primary business category.  The categories are determined by what type of business or service you provide.    

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

7. Add Additional Business Categories  

There are over 3500 categories to choose from, but it is recommended to only pick business categories related to your business industry.   

How to Add Business Categories Correctly in 2021

8. Add Attributes   

You have the option to add these attributes to improve your business profile further.   

  • Online Appointments  
  • Identifies as Black-Owned  
  • Staff Required to Disinfect Surfaces Between Visits  
  • Temperature Check Required   
  • Wheelchair Accessible Parking Lot  
  • Identifies as Veteran-led  
  • Onsite Services  
  • Staff Get Temperature Checks  
  • Appointment Required   
  • Wheelchair Accessible Restroom   
  • Identifies as Women-led   
  • Mask Required   
  • Staff Wear Masks   
  • Wheelchair Accessible Entrance   
  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating 
Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

9. Click “Save Changes”   

After filling up all the relevant business information and attributes, click the save changes button to update all the business information.   

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

In order to check if all the business information you added is successfully updated into your business profile, go to your business profile in Local Search.   

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

To see the added attributes, click the “more details.” 

Improve Your Business Profile Completely in 2021

Updating your business information and attributes in Simply Be Found also updates your business profile almost instantly. Now, you can easily update your customers about the health and safety measures taken by your local business and other service options such as online appointments, contactless delivery, or a curbside pickup.   

To learn more about how Simply Be Found helps small local businesses grow and be more efficient through our super easy-to-use advertising tool, visit Simply Be Found.   

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