How Contractors Can Be Found By More Local Customers

Last Updated on: 6th December 2022, 01:17 pm

This video done by Robert Downey one of our co-founders will cover how contractors can get found by more local customers by using the Simply Be Found Advertising Platform.

  • No Pay Per Click
  • No Pay Per View
  • Be Found On Voice Search
  • Be Found On Maps
  • Be Found On Local Search

Automatic Transcription Of The Video
Are you a contractor looking for more business? Are you a contractor that is lucky to be found on voice search? So when somebody has something that they ask Alexa, that’s in your category, your business comes up. Are you looking to be able to find more people on local searches without the need for Google Ads or Facebook ads or Bing ads? But to where you still show up on that first page when someone’s looking for your business, if this is something you’re looking for, simply to be found. The advertising platform puts you into the driver’s seat and lets you or your assistant or whoever you want to do it, and about 5 to 10 minutes per day, get your business found by more eyeballs on your app. Get your business found and put more eyeballs on your business. If I could talk english, it would be great. We’re a small business ourselves. I’ve worked with and personally, I’ve worked with thousands of contractors in my career for Marcus marketing them. We have. Created this platform to be able to put you in the driver’s seat for you to be able to do your own marketing to get your business found, it’s going to give you an exact to do list of what you need to follow. So it is nothing but paint by number and be able to customize it to your business because your business better than we do. Give us a try. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just go to Simply Be Found and we’ll see you there.

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