Master Customer’s Buying Habits – 5 Secrets of Influence

Secrets That Influence Customer's Buying Habits

Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 12:27 pm

Do you want to tap into your customer’s buying habits so you can effortlessly be on the top of their mind when they search online? Use these 5 secrets that influence your customer’s buying habits.

Without customers buying your product, going to your local restaurant, or setting up appointments for your services? Your local business will die. It is challenging to make business and marketing decisions that are meant to impact sometimes unpredictable consumer behavior. 

That is why we have to find those wires connected to how customers buy — a skill essential for local businesses to develop. To do that, you first have to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Ask yourself what they genuinely need at each phase of their buying journey. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 Secrets That Influences Customer’s Buying Habits, so you can naturally attract and get more local clients.

6 Secrets That Influences Customer's Buying Habits
There are several factors influence your customer’s buying habits.

Customer’s Buying Habits Secret #1. They like Convenience

Make it super easy for your customers to find you. Give them the fastest path to get to you. We have our basic needs, like when we’re hungry and looking for the best restaurants closest to us. We want it fast and quick. This gives your customer increased comfort and efficiency, especially when they go online and search for anything they need. 

So, make sure that you are there, showing up to your customers when they need your product or service. You can use a platform that will make it easy for you to be readily available for your customers when they search you online by giving your local business a boost to rank higher on search engines. 

Click here to make it super convenient for your customer to find you. 

Customer’s Buying Habits Secret #2. They Seek More Information 

Before making their final purchase, customers love doing in-depth research about the things they buy or plan to buy. They spend more time evaluating whether it is service-based or product-based. They wanted to overload themselves with information reading reviews before investing their time and money in any local business. 

93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions. 

The same goes for your business information. Consumer trust businesses with complete and relevant business information. Aside from gaining customer trust, it is also suitable for your business’s health and visibility. Search engines like businesses with complete and consistent business information. This makes their job easier to connect you with customers looking for your products and services. 

Customer’s Buying Habits Secret #3. Offer Deals on Perfect Time

You must be aware of their perfect time when creating promotional deals, posts, and events. 

On weekends families like to get together and enjoy their time eating outside. So, when creating deals, promo’s, make sure that you are promoting and sending it before the weekends so they can prepare and arrange it with their friends and families. 

Customers like it when a business posts updates, promos, and events. It also helps your business appear active and creates engagement with your customers. 

With Simply Be Found, we know how important it is to create a post and share it across multiple networks for more people to see. Our Post feature lets you create promotional post, updates, and events and easily share it across the networks that we’ve partnered with.

To learn more about how you can create an engaging post to bring in more customers, read how to make a post using Simply Be Found. 

Customer’s Buying Habits Secret #4. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Empathy. If you can walk a mile with your buyers’ shoes you can understand their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. If you do, you can create questions that will help them better understand the things you can do for them. Or guide them on the questions that might arise while browsing your information on the internet. 

It’s proven and suggested by research in the neuroscience of selling that purposeful questions drive neural activity, which causes emotional connection and positive buying decisions. 

 So, if you want to hold your customer’s hand and guide them through the next step, which is reaching out and doing business with you. Think about the common questions they will have, and answer them. This way, they will have those answers even if you are unavailable to attend to them giving your local business a higher rate of converting browsers to buyers. 

Customer’s Buying Habits Secret #5. Provide Social Proof 

The power of social proof is discussed by Robert Cialdini, the author of the book Psychology of Persuasion.  It is not just a theory because 93% of customers rely on reviews before making a purchase. Another way to add social proof to your local business is to show up to legitimate and reputable networks like: 

  • Google 
  • Facebook
  • Bing 
  • Foursquare
  • And the rest of the networks 

This creates a sense of trust for your potential buyers. Social proof establishes credibility and builds your reputation. And by showing up to these networks, you are already maximizing your chance to get clicks, inquiries, bookings, reservations, quotations, and more business transactions. 

And you can easily do that inside Simply Be Found. 

In a Nutshell 

These 5 Secrets that Influences Customer’s Buying Habits are hardwired to every customer. Understanding these factors will help you catapult your local business, especially if you have the right tools. 

So, the next step should be, if you want to see fast and progressive results, pick a platform that lets you do these things seamlessly and quickly like Simply Be Found. 

Simply Be Found was designed perfectly to get your local business to rank higher on search engines. And was strategically positioned to tap and influence customers’ buying habits. 

We focused on providing marketing and advertising campaigns that are easy to use for local business owners like you. So you can help your customers looking for solutions you provide while still being in control of how you want your business to grow and get found by more customers.  

To know more about how you can grow your local business, apply these Customer’s Buying Habits and attract more local customers visit Simply Be Found.

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