How to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences in a Post-Pandemic Era

How to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences in a Post-Pandemic Era

Last Updated on: 25th October 2022, 06:48 pm

Small businesses are tasked with the challenge of providing meaningful customer experiences in a post-pandemic era. How can you create meaningful customer experiences online?  

It can be hard to compete with mega-corporations in this post-pandemic era as a small business owner. You need to do so many things every day just to keep your business afloat and running. You have an uphill battle if you want your customers to come back again and again.  

It has been hard enough keeping up with SEO and social media posts before, but now it seems like there will be an even more significant shift in how we deliver customer experiences online. The rise of Covid-19 has had a substantial impact on the way we live and work. With more and more people getting sick, many businesses have to adapt their business practices to accommodate this new pandemic.   

In order to thrive in this new era, small businesses need to create meaningful customer experiences that will help them stand out from the crowd. This article outlines three ways to make your customers feel valued while also providing excellent customer service online during these difficult times.   

How to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences Tip #1. Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations   

Covid-19 has brought customer service into the spotlight, and many businesses are scrambling to find ways to keep their customers happy. However, with consumers looking for a way out of traditional retail stores and more meaning in their purchases, small businesses need not wait until they get larger before making changes.  

With the boom of online browsing and shopping during the pandemic, customer-focused brands started looking for different ways to improve and engage more with their customers to meet their evolving customer standards. This led customers to be more demanding and set up higher expectations on how brands create meaningful customer experiences even in digital platforms.   

If you have decided to close your physical store and focus on your online storefront in the meantime, meeting and exceeding customer expectations should still be the first on your list. A recent survey shows that 78% of local consumers want to connect with humans, whether through a live chat or video interaction when a physical store is unavailable.   

Although there are many automated replies to help you accommodate your customers even though you are not available at the moment, be sure to respond to them with a human touch and avoid bot replies to every question. You can update your business hours on your business profile so that when customers search for your business, they will know when the best time to contact you.   

Optimizing your business information, such as name, address, phone number, hours, website, etc., is essential in creating a meaningful customer experience even post-pandemic. At least 97% of consumers look for local businesses on the internet before visiting a physical store. With this in mind, it is imperative that they only get the correct information whenever they search for your business.   

How to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences Tip #2. Keep it Simple Yet Helpful   

Gone are the days when consumers get attracted to flashy and flowery content. Most of them want a simple and easy-to-use website to shop and buy with. Keep in mind that people are tired of spending so much time online trying to figure out how things work. Make your website content simple and easy to use, especially when shopping and paying online.   

Adding Frequently asked questions or utilizing Questions and Answers on your business profile helps elevate their online customer experiences. For example, 89% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy if they can find easy answers to their questions. Also, always be mindful of additional fees, especially if you are only running an online store.   

Maintaining online storefronts is a lot cheaper than having a brick-and-mortar, and your consumers are well aware of this. This is why, 84% of consumer says they will buy from an online store that offers free returns, free shipping, or fast delivery. In an effort to create a meaningful customer experience, you should focus more on customer engagement and personalization.

How to Create Meaningful Customer Experiences Tip #3. Make it Personalized!  

Personalization is not just inserting their names into an email, which is why many brands fail at doing so. Instead, personalization should be based on how you connect online to real life, with a smooth transaction making them want to purchase from you again.   

81% of consumers say they are more likely to be loyal customers of a business, which makes their in-store visits faster and safer by having personal online appointments and digital queues. We are slowly getting back to normal thanks to vaccine rollouts worldwide, but most consumers still look for a business with a safer approach, even in a post-pandemic era.   

On the other hand, 73% of online consumers prefer a business that offers one-to-one shopping advice to help them decide. Therefore, it is better to provide your customers with curated choices based on their data for a more personalized customer experience if you are running a retail business. For example, 65% of consumers want recommendations based on their past purchases, and 75% say they will purchase again from a business that offers rewards to their loyalty through special prices and promotions.   

Take Advantage of Marketing Platforms  

In the post-pandemic era, where local businesses must create and deliver meaningful customer experiences online to compete, small local businesses must take advantage of new technologies like digital marketing platforms to stay ahead.   

Local businesses have always had a difficult time balancing an understanding of their customer with the number of resources they can dedicate to them. With so many other aspects of running a business demanding attention, customer experience often takes a backseat.   

By taking advantage of marketing platforms such as Simply Be Found, you can get your business found by a lot more customers on cellphone, web, and voice searches while elevating their online customer experiences with a personalized yet faster approach.   

  • Create and schedule a post on the time when they are active the most and share it on your business profile and place that matter.   
  • Answer your customer’s common questions and display them right on your business profile.  
  • Generate, view, and respond to each of your customer reviews from one place.   
  • Draw more customers by getting found on mobile, the web, and voice searches!   

The pandemic opened a lot of opportunities for brands and consumers. Small businesses need to think outside the box and create innovative ways to connect with their customers. To learn more about how you can elevate your customer experience while getting your business found by more customers, visit Simply Be Found.

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