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9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics

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Local landing page optimization is an effective tool for driving more traffic to your business and increasing conversions. Learn how to do it efficiently in 9 proven ways.

When you are in the market for a product or service, one of the first places to go is your local landing page. You may have heard that Amazon’s Alexa now allows people to shop from their homes. In many ways, it has become easier than ever before to browse and buy items without even leaving your home. The upswing demand of shopping searches under the “Near Me” tags has a strong buying intent signal. In the uprising of modern technology, people are becoming more impatient. “Near me” is not just about how close the location is; it is about how much time is spent finding the specific business and place.     

Many advertisers are not aware of how crucial it is to have a well-designed local landing page to market your brand, enhance findability, and outrank other competition. You will be surprised at how many ways and long processes it takes to outdo your competitors and get ahead of the competition. Local landing pages are an essential component of a strong local SEO strategy. In this article, we will explore nine ways to optimize your local landing pages for enhanced visibility and findability that drive maximum conversion.   

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #1. Update Your Customers     

Depending on your objective, you must create posts for your business to update your customers about the latest product, talk about events; run promotions, or a COVID update at least once a week. These posts can keep your profile active, engage, and encourages more people to do business with you in your online store or physical address.      

You can also link your other local listings and social media pages to your website for accessibility and convenience. For instance, you upload a new shareable blog post. This blog can be automatically uploaded to your other local listings and social media pages by clicking the share button.  Besides getting enhanced visibility, it also encourages your buyers to follow your business on its other listings to receive a newsletter, promotions, and other offers.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #2. Add or Edit Category-Specific Attributes     

Attributes are helpful because they help users and search engines know more about what your business does and the type of products and services you offer. Some local listing sites only offer 1-3 category-specific attributes, so it is best to choose a business category that best represents your business.      

Here is an overview of available category-specific features:      

  • Restaurants can upload their reviews, ratings, and local menu features.   
  • Café and bars can upload menus, highlight popular drinks, and add a link for online orders, table reservations, curbside, or no-contact delivery.      
  • Small to medium-sized local businesses can display their product catalog and brochure.     
  • Restaurants can upload their reviews, ratings, and local menu features.   
  • Café and bars can upload menus, highlight popular drinks, and add a link for online orders, table reservations, curbside, or no-contact delivery.      
  • Small to medium-sized local businesses can display their product catalog and brochure.     

You can request a custom CTA (Calls to action) button to add to your profile that customers may find relevant. For instance, you run a coffee shop. You can add “Dine-in, take-out, curbside pickup, and contactless delivery” services. By filling up basic information and categories, you are one step closer to having a fully optimized business profile.       

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #3. Work on Increasing Your Online Reviews          

A lot of people trust a business with a proven good reputation from its customers. You can show your shoppers’ reviews by adding a widget to your local listing account then connect it to your website. This way, prospects can see your star ratings and positive experiences from your existing customers which fasten their buying decision.      

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics

Adding your reviews is also a great offline to online conversion strategy you can quickly adapt to promote your local business.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #4. Answer Customer Questions     

Similar to reviews, Q&A (Questions & Answers) feature is a great technique to entice more people towards your business. Q&A features works effectively because it allows people to ask questions with an expectation that the brand will quickly respond and walk them through the process.  The fact is online shoppers rarely begin with nothing in mind. They ask specific questions because the information provided on your business page is not enough to convince them to go to your business. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows about this feature or how it works, leaving many unanswered questions or questions answered incorrectly by online people causing more harm than good.      

	 9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics
K&W Question and Answer

The catch is– anyone can respond to the question left by your customer on your business page. Therefore, it is vital to constantly monitor and respond to each customer’s questions to show the potential customers that your business is active and provides reliable information.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #5. Have FAQs on Your Website      

Besides answering the same multiple questions in your Questions & Answers feature, you can also create your own FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section right on your website.      

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics

Monitor and identify frequent questions your customers have, then create a FAQ along with those questions and set them on the front page of your website. In this way, your prospects get a great impression of your business and can quickly decide if your local business offers what they want and go with it.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #6. Never Lie About Your Reviews     

It may seem appealing to see glowing reviews, but your customers know if it is accurate or not. Make sure you check all your local listings and remove fake reviews from bots. Although the case is not similar to negative reviews. In case you receive a bad review from an unknown person, check the user’s legitimacy first then address the concern.

You can also “Flag as Inappropriate” or contact support to report any fake reviews that can leave a devastating impact on your online business reputation. If you request to flag a review, try to wait for a few days to get a response for its removal. If the review is full of hate speech, inappropriate words, or susceptible content; it is best to flag and report it immediately then contact support to have it escalated ASAP.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #7. Use Call Tracking     

Are you aware of how well or poorly your marketing campaign is performing? Where your local buyers are coming from? or which ads or campaigns should you invest more to generate more results? Being blinded by your marketing campaigns and efforts can affect your Marketing ROI (Return on Investment).     

Call tracking is a system that enables you to monitor your marketing efforts by tracking each of your business calls. You can also connect your local phone numbers to your online and offline ads and social media campaigns to optimize your local landing pages. It simply works by capturing these campaigns’ performance and generating valuable insights you can use for your subsequent marketing campaigns.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #8. Add Business and Special Hours      

We already know the terrible impact the COVID-19 caused to our small local businesses. In compliance with the ongoing health and safety protocols, enterprises need to readjust their operating hours constantly (depending on their area).      

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics
K&W Business Profile

You do not want to mislead your buyers about your operating hours during these times. For example, a customer went outside to buy from your physical store only to find out it’s already closed. You might end up dropping a lot more existing customers than attaining new ones.      

Landing Page Optimization Tactic #9. Use Short Local Landing Page URL      

If you want to capture your customer’s limited span of attention, creating a short name for your business profile together with a specific website URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will help.      

9 Proven Landing Page Optimization Tactics
Local landing page by Marketing By Rob

Short and relevant business names are easy to recall and remember than irrelevant long-tailed numbers and alphabets found in some local landing page URLs. People most likely click and trust shareable links than unrelated characters.      


Let’s face it, a business without an established online presence will grow at a bare minimum. You must focus on working in optimizing your local landing page to build your business’s online presence. People now are changing dynamically and have higher expectations when it comes to search technology. If your business is not appearing in cellphones, web, and voice searches, you are losing the game.      

Local buyers do not have the liberty of time to find your local business. Suppose your local landing page is not fully optimized; consumers will be lost and will go somewhere else– most probably in a local business listed on the front page of search engines with an optimized digital profile. If you are looking for ways to get a competitive edge against your competition, consider Simply Be Found. They offer an easy, quick and affordable way to get your business found online, hassle-free. To learn more, visit Simply Be Found.

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