5 Best Voice Search Tips for Finding Local Business

5 Best Voice Search Tips for Finding Local Business

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2023, 07:01 am

You may be asking yourself, “what does voice search has to do with my business?” Well, we are here to answer that question and share some of the best voice search tips for finding your local business

Are you still relying on oldschool methods to get your business found? Voice search is a hot topic and will continue to grow in popularity. You need to be prepared for this shift by optimizing your content, social media profiles, and website. 

To start with, 48% of local consumers are currently using voice search in dealing with general web searches, with a word accuracy of up to 95% making it easier to use and have interaction. 

So how can you take advantage of this opportunity? Let us explore five simple voice search tips and techniques in getting your local business found using voice searches. 

Voice Search Tips #1: Focus More on Using a Conversational Tone

The idea of using long-tail keywords in optimizing voice search for consumers’ needs has significantly evolved. It is due to the fact conversational tone, and the use of question phrases have proven to be more accurate in answering basic voice queries as per Google’s recent data analysis.      

Determining the best keyword practices to focus on when attending to voice search queries and understanding your local market demographics would be the first step. It may vary depending on your business location. However, it is still essential to look at your organic data and Pay-per-click data to analyze frequently asked questions that your local consumer often inquires.   

You may also focus on these factors when optimizing for your next localized voice search strategy:    

  • multiple websites   
  • social listings  
  • business description
  • landing pages    

Having answers to these factors with a conversational approach gives you uniqueness amongst your local competition since a recent study shows 22% of voice searches are location-based.    

5 Best Voice Search Tips for Finding Local Businesses

Voice Search Tips #2: Utilizing Your Reputation Management

One of the best ways to understand your voice search data is by using Sentiment Analysis to understand better your customers’ answered questions on a per-community basis. Sentiment Analysis works by evaluating your consumer’s search data and organic traffic, finding the commonalities in the search.

You may also find similar patterns during holidays, weekends, or special events from searches by solo, groups, or team meetings. Use this to leverage in setting up and preparing your local business in providing for those demands and win your local market.    

Voice Search Tips #3: Voice Optimization Set-Up to Drive More Sales

Although it seems relatively new, voice search is vital for your local business to drive more sales and see significant results. However, improvements are not achieved overnight.

Voice search optimization also needs proper goal set-up and a personalized approach to attract more customers and higher conversion rates.    

If you want to see positive results with your voice-search marketing strategy, consider these basics:   

  •  Localized contents   
  •  Features and benefits of your products   
  •  Personalization   

These basics should always be present in your voice-search strategy to see a significant increase in customer traffic and conversions. If you have multiple location businesses, consider your consumers’ needs in every zip code to accommodate better and win each local market.    

If you want to increase conversions within your area, you may want to consider investing in these basics on a long-term basis.    

Voice Search Tips #4: SEO Voice Search Union & Marketing Strategy

Be aware that Voice Search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are different from one another but are both essential aspects to consider in optimizing and strategizing for your local business. It will stimulate customer traffic, brand awareness, and customer interactions.    

The best thing is, they complement one another in determining your local ranking and ensuring your local business findability. The union of these two will give your local business competitive leverage in getting the best recommendations possible for your products and services to your targeted audiences.    

Voice Optimization for Your Local Business Includes:   

  • Incorporate longer and relevant question keyword phrases into your content for a more conversational tone approach.    
  • Focus on your featured snippets in answering your consumer’s question right away.    
  • Have a FAQ section right on the front page of your website.  

Voice Search Tips #5: Voice Search Optimization for Your Local Business

Your business depends on being seen by more customers. If you are not getting enough views from your local market, chances are you are losing new customers to your competition because they are doing a better campaign.   

Online searches have become increasingly focused locally especially on how local consumers find local businesses based on a consumer’s location, specific keywords, and interests. In fact, 22% of all voice search queries involve local content and information.    

Consumers often use their mobile devices to find an answer to their questions. As a local business, you must consider voice search in establishing a competitive edge against your competitors.   

Suppose you want an effective way to optimize your voice search and be ahead of your competitors in getting your local business found in local, mobile, and voice searches. In that case, you can start practicing these voice search tips and techniques today by simply signing up right within Simply Be Found.  

5 Best Voice Search Tips for Finding Local Businesses
Voice search is the new norms in finding a local business

Let Your Local Business Be Heard!

The Simply Be Found offers exclusive and full access to advertising tools you can use in setting up and optimizing your local business to success:   

  • Your local business gets a competitive edge to be found by popular digital voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home, and more.   
  • Your business data is turned into advertising supplied to popular networks, which gets your business found with cellphones, web, and voice searches.  
  • You can cancel anytime; we do not require any signed contracts.

To learn more, you may follow us on Facebook or contact Simply Be Found online. Start getting your local business found today!

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