4 Local Ranking Tips for Busy Local Business Owners

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Local Ranking Tips for Busy Local Business Owners in 2022

Let’s drill down into the most important factors on how you can get your local business on top of search results. The new features and tools you can take advantage of so you can reach more customers, increase sales by improving your local ranking in 2022

It is easy to throw and hit you with all the jargon and things about SEO (search engine optimization) and the hundreds of things you can do. That will give us the impression we are smart and know how to solve your problems. But that is not how we operate. Because the best way to help local business owners like you is to give you more time to grow your business by simplifying things.

We understand that not all small business owners have the resources (e.g., time, money, skills, and tools) to focus on SEO and paid digital advertising. And dealing with the day-to-day management tasks of your business to keep things ticking over. SEO is probably not within your thoughts. 

However, if the thought of diving into SEO makes your palms sweaty or your heart race, don’t worry – we’ve written these 4 Local Ranking Tips in an easy-to-follow format so you can improve your local ranking and reach more customers.

The Best Local Ranking Tips for 2022

1. Posting Updates Regularly 

Most small business owners are a one-person team, or only have a handful of employees; creating and scheduling a post, especially when your target market is active the most, seems like a challenging and time-consuming task. With this in mind, Simply Be Found created an advertising platform that lets you self-advertise effectively in the easiest way possible.

You can write, schedule posts, and easily share them on your Google Business Profile. Using Simply Be Found, you can also create promos, updates, events, etc. And blast it across multiple networks to draw more customers to your online storefront, or physical business location. Posting regularly helps improve your local ranking on local searches so you can be seen by more customers.

2. Your Customers Will Search Your Business First

Updating and maintaining your correct business information is critical during these difficult times. People would search for your business online first before hitting the street. If they find wrong or outdated information about your business, they will go to your competition instead.

We know how vital this information is for your business to get more local customers. Correcting your business information and attributes in Simply Be Found updates your business profile instantly. Giving your business a boost on local ranking.

We make it easy for you to update your customers about the health and safety measures taken by your business and other services available such as online appointments, curbside pickup, or contactless delivery.

3. Utilize The Lazy Way of Searching

Voice search is a huge thing right now, and it is believed to grow more in the upcoming years. 

As a small business owner, you should adapt and tap into these innovations. Consumer behavior is constantly changing. They will search for a specific product or service when they want it or need it. Understanding how customers use this feature is essential so you can draw these consumers to your market.

Try to open your smartphone and ask Siri or Alexa about a product or services your business offers. If your business does not appear, you are losing from your competition. 

111.8 million people in the US are using voice features on their phones to search for businesses, products, and services online. You should go where the current is and leverage the power of adapting to this technology. Simply Be Found will help your business get found on every channel possible, including web, cellphone, and voice search.

4. Use Self-Advertising Platform 

Simply Be Found is a new tool for small local businesses that helps your business get found on local search. To use Simply Be Found, sign-up as a member, enter your business information, and watch how our advertising platform gets your business found on:

  • Cell phones
  • Voice searches
  • And the networks that we have partnered with

So every member can dominate their local presence and grow their customer base. 

Our members reported that Simply Be Found helped their business grow at an affordable price in as little as an hour a week.

And you did not just hear it from us. 

Here is what our clients say. 

“Simply Be Found has been a lifesaver for our business as they have decreased the need for services like Home Advisers that are expensive and charge per lead.” – Local Roofer 

If you want to learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer, visit Simply Be Found.

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