4 Effective Brand Awareness Hacks for Local Businesses

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Clever Brand Awareness Hacks for Local Businesses in 2022

Does building your local business brand awareness ensure that your prospects choose you? Can the amount of recognition help you with the sales you are aiming for? What is Brand awareness in the first place, and why is it important? 

Brand awareness is the foundation in acquiring customers. If you are successful with your brand awareness efforts, it will help customers recall and recognize your business. 

It is a constant battle to be on the top of the mind of your customers. But if people know your brand, they can become familiar with and comfortable doing business with you. 

Brand awareness campaigns let many people know about what you offer and nurture those most interested in it. That is why we have created this comprehensive article to give your local business a boost with these 4 Effective Brand Awareness Hacks for Local Businesses in 2022

Let’s dive in!

Effective Brand Awareness Hacks for Local Businesses in 2022

1. Meet Your Customers Where They Are 

A lot of local businesses might think that social media is DEAD. But for many advertisers, there is no sign of stopping. This data will tell you that many brands are still planning to increase their ad spending. The majority of respondents (84 percent) expect their spending on TikTok in 2022 to rise. Two-thirds of respondents planned to raise their spending on YouTube, while Instagram and Amazon were planned for a respective 64 and 63 percent of consumers. The an increase on Facebook ad spending by 76%. That tells us that if customers and competitors are there, you have to be there.  

4 out of 10 local buyers use social media to find new local businesses. With 2 billion active daily users, it is vital to claim your business listing or create a Facebook page for your business to build brand awareness.  

Facebook is the leading social media platform that can drive foot customer traffic to your business. As a local business owner, you should take full advantage of that. Many brands do most of their promotions on Facebook.

For example, Starbucks uploads exciting videos and pictures on their Facebook profile that leave their followers hooked and wanting to visit each of their unique stores. They also keep their followers’ craving for more by engaging and posting a delicious food menu and interesting seasonal drinks. 

2. Post Your Business Hours

Increasing your brand awareness is sometimes as easy as ensuring that your business availability is correctly reflected in your Google Business Profile.

This information will help your local business avoid potentially harmful reviews from frustrated customers. See, when customers try to drive to physical locations only to find out that you are closed or call and get no answer. Expect to get a bad review, and you don’t want that.

You can add your busiest time of the day and include when the best time is to book an appointment with your business. If your business hours are listed accordingly on your GBP (Google Business Profile), you get more trust from customers or the opposite—lose potential customers—if you fail to do this.

Your business must be credible and trustworthy to build brand awareness. You can start by posting your correct and updated business hours on your Google Business Profile.

Using a simple tool like Simply Be Found, you can update and add the time you open, close, or any particular special hours.

Simply Be Found allows you to update business hours, whether from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or 24 hours. Split your business hours or set a particular hour (1 year in advance) during holidays or simply give your customers a heads up on your closed days. This way, your customers know the best time to visit your physical store or set an appointment. 

3. Promotions and Events

There are a lot of successful businesses that got their brand awareness spreads like fireworks using promotions and events. Statistics say that 79% of U.S. marketers generate sales using event marketing.

Creating an event allows customers to interact with your local business, your brand. And if you are lucky, you could win over not just their hearts but also their wallets.

Aside from events, promotions like discounts or “free consultation” is also a clever brand awareness hack you can try. Adding the word “Free” is one of the magic words that magnets many customers.

4. Show and Tell

It is crucial to add eye-catching photos to each post because images get 94% more views. Images connect, engage, and can speak a thousand words.

In addition, images play a vital role in ranking higher on search results. It is important for local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. So you better leverage the power of adding photos regularly if you want to increase your brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Creating solid brand awareness relies on being intentional with your actions. You have to be decisive to take your local business to a new level and dominate your local presence. And it all starts by following these 4 Effective Brand Awareness Hacks.

But if you are having a hard time marketing and advertising your local business. In that case, it is time to consider Simply Be Found.

Simply Be Found is an advertising platform that lets you promote and be in control of your local business. We designed and created an easy-to-use interactive platform that enables you to self-advertise and tracks your progress while we blast your business information to popular networks to help your business get found on cellphone, web, and voice searches. 

To learn more about how you can get the most out of your local SEO efforts, visit Simply Be Found.

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