3 Ways to Get Your Business Found by More Local Customers

3 Ways To Get Your Business Found By More Local Customers

Last Updated on: 12th December 2022, 03:32 pm

1. Get Your Business to the Top of Maps 

When thinking of maps most people think about Google Maps, but they forget about Bing Maps, Apple Maps, and so many others. Today, virtually every app, website, or platform may include maps in some way. A map can not only tell your consumers where you are, it also helps them in finding directions and incorporating your address into their weekly errands. 

2. Be Found in Local Directories 

Local directories are key in any local SEO strategy. They are like an online phonebook. They are a great way for your business to be seen when local customers are searching for what you have to offer and are ready to buy. Be sure to populate as many directories as you can to increase your chances of being found in your local area. 

3. Optimize Your Profiles 

You need to optimize your top three profiles when it comes to search: 

What do we mean by optimizing your profile? Well, it may sound hard but it’s simple:  

  • Stay active, and post more than your competition is 
  • Make sure you include photos to catch the eye of your potential customers 
  • Generating reviews and replying within 1 day after getting any new reviews 
  • Use Questions and Answers 

Following these steps will ensure you are found ahead of your competition. Simply Be Found makes it super simple to be found by more local customers! 

How Simply Be Found helps Get Your Business Found by More Local Customers 

Getting your local business found by voice search is an important aspect of running a profitable business. Simply Be Found shows you how to optimize your profile for maps and directories with a step-by-step plan in 5-10 minutes a day. Simply Be Found helps you get more market share by helping you make sure your address and operating hours are correct across search engines so potential consumers can find you online. We help you claim and optimize your Google My Business listing which powers all local business results in Google Assistant. We help you make sure that your business information is updated and consistent, as it will impact your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simply Be Found’s membership also includes providing you with the ability to manage your business and holiday hours in advance, so your customers always know when to do business with you. You can also boost your SEO by generating and responding to more reviews to get found by more consumers who are looking for your products and services. As a member of Simply Be Found you will have a well-executed local SEO strategy, to ensure that your potential clients see your business first on local search, directories, maps, and social media when they are searching for your industry type in your local area. Simply Be Found helps you make sure that the public details about your company are correct on time and consistent across multiple search engines, voice services, maps, apps, and other discovery tools that people use to help them decide where to shop when using Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. 

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